An Unwanted Affair


Life is strange. So many things happen in our lives over which we have no control. Sometimes, these events are so unplanned, so unintentional, that they leave you baffled. I went through some strange events that threw my life into an endless wave of lust and debauchery. I had a nice loving husband who loved me a lot, and five beautiful kids whom I adored. I had everything that a woman needs to call herself happily married. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined having an affair with another man. However, it happened and I couldn’t stop it. My licentious affair began with my own father-in-law. Here, I would like to add that it was kind of forced onto me initially, but later, I must admit, I too began enjoying it. My relationship with my father-in-law is continuing. Now my husband also knows about it. I have been regularly sleeping with two men in a single house: with my lawfully wedded husband, and when he’s not home, with my horny father-in-law. I was only seventeen when I got married. My husband Adeel, who is just one year older than me, was the only son of a wealthy sweets shop owner. Adeel was not good in studies. He floundered repeatedly in his exams. When he failed thrice in his class, his father Rashid Khan, a shrewd businessman, withdrew him from school, and hired him in his own sweets shop.

Adeel liked working at the shop more than adding two plus two in school. He soon learned most of his father’s successful business secrets. However, he had a major weakness: he was extremely bad with numbers. For some time, Rashid Khan entrusted him with all the responsibilities of running the shop, but soon realized his son’s inability in handling finances. He went back to looking after the sales himself, and Adeel was assigned the task of supervising the production of sweets. Adeel, a meek and introvert youth, never expected more than that. He was content with what he got, and never complained about playing second fiddle to his father. My father had a small grocery shop at the outskirts of the city selling daily goods and utility items. Earnings weren’t very good to support a family of six, my parents, my three sisters, and myself, but we were managing somehow. Abbu (Father) knew Adeel’s father, he was just an old acquaintance, nothing more than that. One fine day, Adeel’s father visited our house looking for abbu. They met and talked privately. After Adeel’s father left, abbu came inside and happily announced that Rashid Khan was asking my hand for his son.

Everyone was surprised. Why would a wealthy person like Rashid Khan like to marry his only son to the daughter of a poor shop owner? The news spread like a jungle fire in the small town. My neighbors and relatives received this news with contempt and disbelief. But, once they realized that it was true, there were mixed reactions. Some were genuinely happy, while some were very jealous. One of my relatives even suggested that there might be some problem with Adeel, and my father should not accept this marriage. However, abbu had met with Adeel once at their shop, and he didn’t find any abnormality in him. He considered it as a blessing from Allah. He was very happy that at least his eldest daughter was getting married to a rich family where she would lead a comfortable life. Nobody really knew why Rashid khan had chosen me for his son. I was too young to understand the intricacies of marriage. Marriage was not a subject in which girls in an orthodox family like ours had any say. All I knew that one day abbu would arrange my marriage with some suitable boy, and I would spend my entire life with him; no questions asked. Therefore, when my mother gave me the news, I didn’t respond very eagerly. Two days later, my younger sister took me to a corner and handed me a photograph. It was taken in some marriage ceremony. It showed a group of teenage boys. She pointed to a frail but handsome looking boy standing in the center of the group.

I stared at the picture of my future husband, suddenly overwhelmed with a strange emotion. I had never felt like that before. I didn’t realize then that I had fallen in love with the shy looking boy smiling in the photograph. A month later, we got married in a lavish ceremony. After the marriage, I got my first taste of sex. We couldn’t meet on the first night as the ceremonies continued until dawn. When I was finally taken into our bedroom, my eyes were drooping with exhaustion. Adeel was no better than me. Both of us were dead tired. Adeel hugged me on the bed. He kissed me; we talked in slow whispers for some time until we fell asleep. For the first time in my life, I slept on the side of a man whom, only a day ago, was a complete stranger to me. It was the second night of our marriage, when Adeel made love to me for the first time. I still remember the feeling of utter shame when he began to strip me. I made him switch off all the lights before he proceeded to undo my clothes. After removing my clothes, he stripped hurriedly. In the complete darkness of our bedroom, I heard the rustling of his clothes and felt his presence only when he got between my legs. Then his cock poked at my virgin pussy. Both of us were virgins. Neither of us had any prior exposure to the opposite sex. A married friend of mine had given me some mushy insight about this night. She had especially asked me not to stop my husband. She had also told me that it would hurt the first time but would be great fun later.

Adeel tried to insert his cock into my pussy clumsily. After some fumbling, he was able to insert his cock head into my pussy. It tore my virgin hymen, and I cried with pain. He stopped pushing further, but didn’t pull his cock out of my pussy. After waiting for my pain to subside, he began to move his glans gently in and out of my pussy. Adeel fucked me with only his cock head inside my pussy. It was painful at the beginning, but soon the pain began to recede, and an unusual feeling of rapture began to overwhelm my body. Adeel didn’t push his cock further. I could feel his cock head moving in and out of my cunt and then all of a sudden he erupted. His hot cum spilled mostly over my cunt lips and soaked my thick bush. It was a thick hot sticky liquid, and on that first occasion it didn’t appear very pleasant. Adeel immediately withdrew his cock and rolled off me. I grabbed my clothes and rushed to the bathroom. I washed the thick gluey liquid that was sticking to my pussy and my dense bush. There was also some blood mixed with the cum that oozed out of my pussy. My friend had warned me about it so I didn’t panic. Before coming out, I put my clothes back on. Adeel was waiting outside, still naked. He had switched on a night lamp. My face turned crimson with shame, but I could not avoid having a good look at my husband’s depleted cock which, only minutes ago, had taken my maidenhood. He stepped into the bathroom shutting the door behind him. Adeel came out of the bathroom, with a tahmed (sarong) around his waist. We then slept in each other’s embrace.

Next morning, my cunt was sore. I felt a little discomfort while walking. However, as the day progressed the pain was replaced by a gentle tenderness. Even after the painful experience of last night, I eagerly waited for the next night. I was longing to go through that experience again, wanted to feel my Adeel’s cock sloshing in my tender pussy and then ejaculating his seeds inside my depth. As I waited eagerly, I sensed a wetness seeping between my pussy lips. It was very strange; I had never felt like that before. I was dying to get laid again. I felt ashamed of my lustful thoughts. That night, I took the entire length of his cock inside my pussy. My cunt was still sore from the previous day’s adventure, but I didn’t stop Adeel. He continued ramming his cock into me and after some effort it was completely buried in my hungry depths. Adeel fucked me in a slow rhythm until he erupted inside my cunt, filling it with his hot seed. This time, his hot thick cum didn’t feel bad inside my cunt, I rather liked the feeling of his hard cock jerking and erupting inside me. After that day, we fucked almost daily. With time, we lost our inhibitions and indulged in sex more often. As a result, I was pregnant after two months and became a mother within a year of my marriage. I always considered Adeel to be the perfect man for me; but he had a very meek disposition. He was completely overshadowed by his father’s towering personality. Rashid Khan, though loved his son, was a very dominating father. Throughout, his childhood he had been critical of his son and as a result, Adeel’s personality remained subdued. He could never face his father for anything whether it was right or wrong. He silently accepted any commands given by his father.

Adeel once told me that he hadn’t even seen my picture before our marriage. His father arranged his marriage and informed him. I was chosen as his son’s wife because Rashid Khan believed that a girl from a poor family would always be at his mercy and would never pose a threat to him. I also feel that to some extent, my father-in-law was right in this belief. I was brought up in a family where women had no say in the day to day functioning of the household, and no surprise that I too believed that. As time passed, Adeel got busier with the shop. The old man began to give him more responsibilities. However, he kept the final control in his hands and never let my husband take full responsibility of his business. I had nothing to complain about. Adeel was his only son and the rightful heir. Above all, I was leading a life I could never have imagined in my life. I had a loving husband and a beautiful child. I couldn’t have asked for anything better from life. After the birth of our first son, the frequency of sex dwindled as I became a busy mother tending to the needs of a tiny tot and Adeel got busier in the shop. Over the years, the frequency of our sexual encounters dwindled further. Adeel and I never observed any kind of protection during our lovemaking, and so, by the end of tenth year of my marriage, I was mother to five beautiful children: three sons and two daughters.

Many things had changed over the last ten years. I was now a fully grown woman in my late twenties. I was no more a cute, skinny petite dove like the one I used to be at the time of my marriage. I had put on some weight. My tits had lost their original firmness and had begun to sag a little. Bearing children had left some scars and a fleshy hump around my tummy. My small taut buttocks became somewhat swollen, and my thighs appeared fleshier. Nevertheless, I was happy and contented with my life. My husband still loved me very much, and he never failed to praise how beautiful I looked. I had every reason to believe him. I loved my husband very much and no thought about any other man ever occurred to me. Not until I began to notice changes in my father-in-law’s behavior.

My mother-in-law died many years before my marriage. Therefore, I was the only woman in my house other than a maid who visited our house in the morning and afternoons to clean the house. My father-in-law was very fond of me. He took good care of me, and my family. He played with my kids, bought them gifts and toys, paid for their school, and their other expenses. He did everything a good grandfather would do for his grandchildren. Unlike my father, my husband’s father was quite liberal and he let me enjoy lot of freedom in the house.

I too treated him like my abbu. Father-in-law was fifty, but appeared much younger than his age. I must admit that he was good looking and well maintained for his age. I could never guess why he didn’t get married again after the death of his wife. He could have easily found a much younger and beautiful wife for himself. Adeel once told me that his father loved his mother very much, and probably he lost interest in sex after the death of his beloved wife. I really admired him for being so devoted to his dead wife. However, his recent activities revealed a darker side of him. He had been entrusting more and more responsibility to my husband. His business was flourishing; the shop was doing very well. Father-in-law saw the opportunity and opened a branch of his shop in another part of the city. It increased Adeel’s workload as he was looking after both establishments. It kept him busy with little time for the kids and me. Adeel’s father stopped visiting his shop altogether, and began to manage his affairs from the home itself. He appointed a cashier at the shop to help Adeel with the finances. Father-in-law began spending more and more of his time at home. He didn’t have much to do, so he began spending more time with the kids. When they weren’t home, he spent his time sitting in his room watching some television program or some movie on his player. He was very fond of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Recently, he had purchased a brand-new DVD player. Every other day, he would bring home some borrowed disc from a nearby shop and watch it with kids, or sometimes with the whole family. He had a good collection of DVDs of his own. He had given me his old DVD player. Often, I used the player during the afternoons for watching movies while waiting for the kids to return from school. Although it started with subtle hints, I began to notice the way Adeel’s father looked at me. I caught him, a number of times, staring at me in a peculiar way. He began to seek excuses to visit the kitchen every now and then. I normally spent most of my time in the kitchen or in my bedroom. Often, I found him coming to the kitchen on one pretext or another and trying to talk to me. At times, I found him staring at my bosom with a lecherous look in his eyes. One day, he accidentally kept his hands over my shoulders. He immediately withdrew it, but such accidents began to happen very often. There were certain occasions when I felt his eyes boring into my cleavage. Sometimes, when I passed near him, I had a strange feeling that he had been ogling my buttocks. He started bringing gifts for me very often, sometimes rather expensive gifts. Initially, I was happy with his gestures, but later I got suspicious. He was very careful about his actions. Whenever Adeel or the housemaid was home, he kept himself confined to his room, pretending to be reading some magazine or watching a television program. As soon as the kids were off to school and the housemaid left for another house, he would appear at the kitchen door asking for something.

We live in a spacious three room house that my father-in-law built long ago. The front door opens to a wide corridor, which passes between two big facing rooms, one is my bedroom and other belonged to the kids. The corridor opens into a spacious veranda and to an open courtyard after that. The kitchen is situated after my bedroom and its doors open to the veranda. Facing the kitchen, on the other side of the open courtyard, lies Father-in-law’s bedroom. My bedroom initially belonged to my father-in-law, however, after my marriage, he gave us his bedroom and he took another bedroom. The two bedrooms in our house have attached bathrooms. There is also an additional bathroom situated just after the children’s room. It opens to the veranda. The common bathroom is a small one. Usually, it was kept locked and was rarely used. The other major change I noticed in my father-in-law was that he stopped using his own attached bathroom. He began taking his showers in the common bathroom. It was very strange. It gave him ample opportunity to roam around the house wearing only a towel around his waist. Often, I found him deliberately lurking here and there in the veranda in his seminude state, especially when we were alone at home. I found his actions little suspicious but tried to ignore him. I never expected that a man of his age, and his reputation could be harboring ulterior motives about his own daughter-in- law. I was more confused because for the last ten years he had been a perfect gentleman, never giving me a chance to doubt his intentions.

One afternoon, after the housemaid left, I was alone at home. I fed the two young kids and left them sleeping in my bedroom. After a while, I heard him calling me from his room. When I went there, he was lying on his bed in a vest and a tahmed (sarong). He told me that he was feeling some pain in his back and asked me to rub a pain reliever on his back. He gave me a tube of pain reliever. I took the tube. He immediately got up and removed his vest. He was now half-naked standing in front of me. I had seen him roaming around the house, wearing only his tahmed; but never before had he taken his vest off in front of me. My face turned scarlet with embarrassment. Notwithstanding a small potbelly, he had a rather good physique for a fifty-year old. Father-in-law didn’t seem to notice it. He lay on his bed on his stomach, and pointed to a region in his lower back and asked me to apply cream to it. I sat at the edge of his bed. I squeezed the tube, took a large gob of white cream between my fingers and began rubbing it over the affected area. Father-in-law closed his eyes and rested his head over his folded hands. I rubbed the paste over his aching back in silence. Then I noticed that his tahmed was tied in such way that a small part of the crack of his ass was visible. I began feeling uncomfortable. My face turned red but out of respect for the old man, I continued rubbing the cream on his back.

It went on for about five minutes. Finally, he asked me to stop and told me that his back felt better. I got up from his bed and proceeded to go out of his room when he turned on the bed. Even in my rush to leave his room, I didn’t miss the massive tent formed in the front of his tahmed. Ashamed and terrified, I rushed to my bedroom, locked the door, and sat on my bed. I was stunned. My heart was beating fast. I could hear my heart beats hammering in my ears. I was now sure about my father-in-law’s intentions towards me. The old man wanted me. I was horrified at the thought. I was brought up in a very strict and conservative family. Although my parents let me study, my education was in an all-girls school. My mother never let me out without wearing a veil. I wasn’t allowed to talk to any boy from the neighborhood. The only man in my life was my husband Adeel. I loved him; although at times, I felt sad for him not being so smart like his father. All ten years of my marriage, Adeel had been a very good husband and I never felt any inclination to think about any other man. Now, after a long period of a happy married life, things were beginning to change. My father-in-law was trying to seduce me. I was afraid and perplexed by his behavior. I didn’t know what had gone into his head. He had always been a father figure to me. It’s true that he never gave Adeel full power over the shop, and he remained in control of all affairs and showed no intentions of retiring. However, he did everything that a good father could do for his family. He looked after all of us very well. At times, he got upset with Adeel, sometimes even lost his temper but he never said anything to me. He helped me in every possible way to make my life comfortable.

I didn’t know why he was behaving in such a manner now. I thought about telling Adeel about the incident, but later decided against it. I didn’t know how he would react to this news. He was very afraid of his father, and I had never seen him taking a stand against his father, even when he was not wrong. I was afraid that father-in-law would call me to his room the next day, therefore, when he informed us that night that he would be out of the city for some days, I was relieved and happy. I was probably imagining too much, and everything would be fine after his return. He was visiting a nearby city to attend some marriage ceremony in his friend’s family. Father-in-law returned three days later. The children were at school and Adeel had already gone to the shop. After freshening up, he called me into his room. I was a bit apprehensive, but I went. He was standing by his bed with his briefcase lying open on the bed. He was rummaging through its contents. I used my chunni (a scarf) to cover my head and went near him. Father-in-law took the clothes out of his briefcase and produced some small packages. “For the children,” he said as he handed me the packages. I took them. Then he pulled a few DVD cases out of his bag. “I’ve brought some new movies, like to watch?”

“No… I’m not free now.” I was eager to get out of his room. “I’ll watch later.”

“I’m not asking you to watch it now.” He smiled. He handed me one DVD from the pack and put the others into his TV cabinet. “Keep it… Watch it when you’re free. I know you like movies.” I silently took the DVD, left his room, and took a deep sigh of relief. Maybe I was wrong about my father-in-law. I went to my room and put the DVD in my cupboard. I decided to watch it later in the afternoon. Father-in-law took his shower. Surprisingly, he didn’t use the common bathroom. He washed in his own bathroom. When he came out of his room, he was fully dressed. I was in the kitchen cooking lunch. “I’m going to the shop.” He spoke from the kitchen door. “Is lunch ready?”

“Yes.” He sat at the dining table. I served him food. He ate ravenously. He looked happy. Once or twice he looked at me but didn’t talk much. He seemed to be preoccupied with something. When he left after lunch, I locked the door. I fed Rehaan and Shama, and left them playing in the veranda. My other three kids, Shahid, Sakina, and Parvez, were at school and were not expected until three. I looked at the wall clock; it was showing 1:00 pm, enough time to straighten my aching limbs. I thought I would take a brief nap. I slipped in my bed and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I remembered the DVD that father-in-law had given me. I am a big movie fan also; therefore, I dropped the idea of sleeping. I took the DVD out of my cupboard, switched on the television, the DVD player, and inserted the disk into it. I took the remote and settled on the bed. I adjusted the pillows beneath my back to put myself in a comfortable, reclining position and then pressed the play button on the remote. The television screen flickered for a few seconds; then it began to show the legal warnings. I pressed the fast-forward button, waited for few seconds and again pressed the play button. My eyes went wide open with shock and disbelief. Along with the credits, the screen showed a naked white woman lying on a sofa. A black man with a gigantic cock was fucking her hairless pussy while she was gripping, and sucking the cock of another white male. In my panic, I simply forgot to use the remote, immediately jumped off my bed and switched off the television.

Then I stood there shivering violently. I had never seen such a wanton display of sexual acts before. I had heard about porn movies; and I was vaguely aware of the fact that in such movies, fucking scenes were shot from very close quarters. However, what I just saw appeared simply disgusting. Gradually, the trembling was replaced by anger. I was furious with my father-in-law. The old man was playing games with me. He had deliberately handed me a blue film DVD. Bastard… Seething with anger, I decided that I would confront the old man, and if he refused to mend his ways, I would report the incident to Adeel. I could not let this go on forever. After making up my mind, I took the disk out of the player and put it back in my cupboard. My children arrived from school, and I got busy with them. The kids ate their food, and then all of them went out of the house to play with their friends, leaving Shama, the youngest one, and me alone in the house. Father-in-law arrived at about five in evening. When I opened the door, he smiled at me, and then went directly to his room. I waited for some time. I was furious with him, but now when I was about to face him, I started feeling nervous. I went to my room, took the CD from my cupboard, and waited there for some time, breathing heavily, trying to overcome my nervousness. Finally, I came out of my bedroom. I crossed the veranda and the open courtyard and knocked on his door. “Come in.” He asked from inside. I went inside. He was sprawled on his bed, the remote was in his hand and he was continuously changing channels. He looked at me. “What’s this?” I asked angrily showing him the DVD. He stared at it then looked at me, puzzled. “What did you give me?”

“A movie…” He tired to smile. His smile made me even angrier. I had never been so angry in my whole life. I could feel tears swelling in my eyes. “You call this a movie?” I threw the DVD on his bed. He picked up the disk in his hand. His face wore a look of deep surprise. Again, he stared at me as if he couldn’t understand why I was shouting at him. Then his eyes went wide. I had enough. I could not control my tears. I knew I would start crying, so I immediately turned and began to walk out of his room. “Nilofer please stop.” He called me as he jumped off the bed. I didn’t stop and walked hurriedly toward the door. He rushed close to me and held my hand firmly. “Let me go.” I cried trying to release my hand from his firm grip. But, I was no match for his strength. “Look Nilofer.” He said apologetically. “It’s just a mistake. I didn’t give it to you deliberately.”

“Let go of my hand.” Angrily, I tried to free my hand from his grip, finally succeeding in getting out of his clutches. I ran out of his room, and scurried to my room. Father-in-law followed me. I quickly locked my room from the inside. I heard his footsteps approaching the door. Then he knocked lightly. I didn’t reply.

“Nilofer, please listen to me.” He was almost pleading. “I didn’t do it knowingly.”

“I don’t want to listen to anything. When Adeel returns, then we’ll talk.”

“Please… Nilofer… Don’t tell anything to Adeel. Believe me, it was not intentional.”

“Please go,” I shouted from inside. “I don’t want to talk to you.” There was a silence for some time. “Look Nilofer… Your mother-in-law died thirteen years ago. I miss her so I bought it for myself. I gave it to you by mistake… You must believe me.” I realized that if I continue answering his calls he would not go away. I kept silent. Finally he spoke. “Okay… If you don’t want to listen… I’ll go. But please don’t tell Adeel about it.” I heard him move away from the door, and then there was silence everywhere. I was in no hurry to open the door. I rubbed my eyes to wipe the tears. I remained in my room until my children returned. Father-in-law was locked inside his room. I washed my face and began preparing dinner. I pondered what had happened this afternoon. I didn’t know whether my father-in-law was telling the truth. But, after much deliberation I decided to give him a chance. Adeel came at around eight. Father-in-law was careful enough to open the door of his room before the arrival of Adeel. Still, he stayed inside his room watching television. When dinner was ready, I sent Parvez to call him. He came back and said that grandpa was not hungry. I didn’t press further and served the dinner to Adeel and the kids. Adeel was a bit surprised by his father’s absence from the dining table; but he was tired from the day’s work. He ate hurriedly and went to the bedroom with the kids. I collected the dishes from the dining table and dropped them into the sink. Then I went to my bedroom. Before entering the room, I looked in the direction of father-in-law’s room. He was still awake. I could hear the sound from his television emanating from his room. I went inside my room and locked it.
Things were back to normal for a while. Father-in-law resumed his normal routine the day after, however, he was subdued. He talked very little with me or with anyone and spent most of his time with the kids. It appeared that my threat had worked. I was happy that he was not troubling me now. I avoided him completely and spoke with him only when it was necessary. At times, it was a necessity as he was the master of the house. All the earning from the shop went to him only. He didn’t pay a single penny to Adeel. Therefore, if I needed anything, I had no other option than to ask him for money. This situation didn’t last for very long. Gradually, father-in-law returned to his nasty antics. One day, I found him roaming around the kitchen with only a tahmed on his body, and an unmistakable bulge in front of his crotch. When he saw me, he smiled gleefully and went to the common bathroom. I was annoyed but knew that it was futile to talk to him unless he did something nasty. I avoided him by mostly remaining inside my room. If for any reason I had to go to his room, I made sure that I left it as quickly as possible. After the previous incident, I was somewhat assured. Father-in-law might be a horny old man, and probably he was having the hots for me, but he would never like to be exposed in front of his son. Therefore, I was sure that he would not dare touch me. As far as his horny behavior towards me was concerned, I thought it would be better to overlook it. One afternoon, after having finished cooking lunch, I decided to retire to my room. My children, except Shama, were at my parents’ house, spending their winter vacation.

“Nilofer…” I was about to open the door to my bedroom when I heard his voice. “Yes.” I replied loudly. “Please come here…”

“In a minute…” I said reluctantly. I went into my room and waited for some time hoping that he would not call me again. After about five minutes, he called me again. I walked over to his room. Father-in-law was lying flat on his stomach. As usual, he was wearing only his tahmed. His face was grimacing with pain. “What do you want?” I pulled the drape covering his door to one side and asked. “Beti (daughter), it’s hurting very much.” His hand touched a place at his back. “Please…” His eyes wore a pleading look. I recalled the incident which took place a few days ago. I was about to refuse when he moaned loudly. I relented. I sat on the side of his bed, took the cream from him and began applying it to his back. He closed his eyes and relaxed. I applied it for about five minutes. None of us spoke anything. Finally, I asked. “Is it okay?” Father-in-law opened his eyes and looked at me. “its better, you can go now.” I stood and began to walk toward the door. Father-in-law tried to get off the bed. All of a sudden, his leg got stuck in his tahmed, and he stumbled. He gripped the bed’s headrest to support himself. As he tried to keep his balance, his foot pulled his tahmed, and the loosely tied cloth fell off his waist. I stared at him; my eyes went wide with horror. Father-in-law’s tahmed was lying near his feet. He was standing beside his bed without a stitch of clothing on his body. His circumcised mammoth manhood was sticking out of his dark crotch like a flag pole.

I was dumbfounded with shock. I wanted to cry, but nothing came out of my mouth. Father-in-law immediately bent forward and picked his tahmed from the floor, and wrapped it around his waist. His massive cock disappeared behind the thin cloth, but a big tent in front of his crotch remained. I dashed out of his room, crossed the courtyard scurrying to my bedroom. Hurriedly locking the doors from inside, I slumped on my bed. My whole body was shivering violently. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my erratic breathing. As I closed my eyes, the naked figure of father-in-law began dancing in front of my eyes. Terrified, I forced my eyes open. When I got back to my senses, I tried to review the events. I was confused. The way it happened, it appeared almost natural. I saw him stumble; I saw the way his tahmed got stuck in his foot and then slid off his waist. But, he had an erection, a massive erection. My face turned red just by thinking about it. Did he plan it? I could not decide. I had no doubts that my father-in-law was still entertaining amorous thoughts about me. It meant he had gone back to his old ways. “The bastard needs another rap on his knuckles.” I thought angrily. I decided to confront him again. I was about to open the door when I heard the sound of the telephone ringing. Before I could go out, father-in-law took the call. He listened to the caller on the other side, then said, “Wait for me… I’ll be there soon.” I heard him go back to his room. I remained inside my room waiting for him to return. After a while, I heard his footsteps approaching and then stopping at the door. “Close the door, I’m leaving.” He said, and then he was gone; no mention of the recent episode. I came out of my room and closed the front door, went to the veranda, pulled an easy chair, and slumped on it.

My mind was in turmoil. I contemplated how to stop his evil advances. Should I tell everything to Adeel, or should I talk with father-in-law again and warn him again? I was in great dilemma. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for me to convince Adeel that his father was sexually interested in me. He won’t believe me. No one would believe such an allegation. His father was a well respected man in our society. After much deliberation, I decided that I would confront the old man again. I would give him a final warning. He must stop his perverted ways; otherwise, I would have no other choice than to report it to his son. I hoped that my threat would work this time as it had worked last time. The old man would never like to face his son. I waited for him, but he didn’t return. At three, my children came back from school and I got busy with them. Father-in-law returned at eight in the evening along with Adeel. It appeared that there were some urgent work at the shop, and therefore, Adeel had asked for his help. I cooked and served dinner. We all sat at the dining table and ate. Repeatedly, I found father-in-law staring at me. My face was flushed, and I could not meet his leering eyes. At night, I was restless. I was shocked of what had happened in the morning; I even felt disgusted. However, watching a naked man had aroused me. That night, I desperately needed Adeel; I wanted him to take me in his arms, strip me and fuck me hard. I suddenly realized that he hadn’t fucked me for quite some time. I wanted to snuggle into his body just to make sure that I was protected. But, he was tired and completely oblivious of my state. He slept immediately.

I tried to sleep, but sleep eluded me. Every time I closed my eyes, the whole scene began playing like a movie in my mind: father-in-law’s tahmed falling off his waist and his throbbing cock suddenly getting exposed. A hot blooded mammoth rod with a bloated circumcised head. Why was he so interested in me, a mother of five? A man of his status could easily get a bride, and nobody would raise an eyebrow. In a society where a man is always considered young, he could marry a girl even younger than his own daughter, then why me? Did he find me attractive? I closed my eyes again, and as it happened before, his naked thick cock appeared before my eyes. I felt a mild tremor running through my body. Dampness began to seep between my pussy lips. Shocked, I opened my eyes. My heart was beating fast. I could even hear it. I cursed myself for the sudden lustful thought that crept through my mind. I stared into the darkness unsure about what would happen the next day. My mind was so occupied with my encounter with my father-in-law that I never realized when I drifted to sleep. The next morning was hectic as usual. I helped my kids get ready for school, cooked and packed their Tiffin’s, and saw them off when the school bus arrived. By that time, Adeel was also ready. He hurriedly ate his breakfast, and went out. Father-in-law didn’t join us for breakfast. He came out of his room much later. His eyes were red. What was he doing last night? Was he playing with his cock while thinking about me?

My face turned crimson at the thought. I cursed myself. Why was I thinking such evil thoughts? I must be losing my mind. Father-in-law ate his breakfast silently. After that, he immediately retired to his room. The housemaid arrived little late that day. I gave her instructions and she began mopping the floor. I casually talked with her. I kept glancing in the direction of my father-in-law’s room. The doors were shut. The housemaid finished her work and left. I locked the front door and went back to the kitchen. About fifteen minutes later, I heard his door open. Father-in-law came out of his room. He was in his tahmed with a towel hanging over his shoulder. He crossed the open courtyard and walked toward the common bath. I avoided looking at him directly, I watched him go into the bathroom from the corner of my eyes. For a moment, yesterday’s event became alive before my eyes. I shrugged my head trying to fend off the thought. In a short while, I heard the sound of water. Father-in-law was taking his shower. He took his shower and then silently went back to his room. Relaxed, I got myself busy with my daily chores. After about fifteen minutes, I heard him calling my name. “Nilofer.”

“Yes?” I replied unwillingly. “Can you come over here?”

“No. Tell me what you want.” I shouted in a loud irritated voice. He didn’t reply, instead he came out of his room and walked directly into the kitchen. “I want to talk to you.”

“I don’t.” I was suddenly angry. “Don’t be angry; we can talk this out.”

“I told you that I don’t want to talk to you.” I retorted in anger. “Get out.” His face turned red with anger. He was about to burst, but he controlled himself. “Listen… Nilofer… don’t be angry.”

“Get out of here.” I shouted at the top of my voice. “I haven’t told Adeel anything yet, but if you don’t leave now, I’ll tell him today.”

His face dropped a little. He stared at me.

“Get out.” I yelled again, feeling more confident. “Get out.”

His expressions changed suddenly. His eyes became bloodshot with rage.

“You bitch.” He fumed. “No one talk to me like this in my house.”

Taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor, I moved backward. He lunged at me. I tried to dodge him, but he was fast. He grabbed my arm.

“What’re you doing, let me go.” I cried, struggling to get free from his grip.

He easily lifted my petite body in his arms. I tried to break his grip, unsuccessfully. He took me to his room and dropped me on his bed.

“Now slut, what were you saying?”

Tears of humiliation swelled in my eyes.

“What do you want?”

“To fuck you.” He gave me a lewd grin.

I was stunned that such crude words were coming from the mouth of my father-in-law.

“No, please let me go.” I tried to get off his bed; but he grabbed me again and pushed me back on his bed.

“I… I… will tell Adeel.” As a final resort, I tried to threaten him hoping that it would work.

It made him even angrier.

“Listen you slut,” his voice suddenly filled with menacing tone, “Do you really think Adeel can save you from me?”

I gave him a terrified look; nothing came out of my lips.

Father-in-law retorted. “Don’t have any misgivings… I can kick you all out of my house… right now. What would he do then?”

A morbid fear began to grip me.

“Adeel’s good for nothing, you know that; you know it very well,” Father-in-law chewed every word he spoke. “If I kick you out, do you think he’ll be able to look after you?”

Tears began to stream down my cheeks.

“Please let me go, I’m like your daughter.” I pleaded.

“If I had a daughter like you,” his eyes were burning with an unfathomable lust, “I would’ve fucked her too. God knows how long I’ve been dreaming about you, from the day I first saw you naked.”

I stared at his lust filled face. I didn’t know what he was talking about. When did he see me nude? I couldn’t recall.

“Listen… Nilu…” His voice was suddenly softer. “Just give me what I want. I’ll give you everything you need.”

“No, I can’t.” I sobbed. “Please let me go.”

Deep in my heart, I was aware that he was probably correct. My introvert and meek husband was no match for his father’s dominance. With his delicate disposition, I doubted that he would be able to look after us if thrown out of his father’s house. I dared not think what would happen if I had to move out of the house.

He sensed my resignation.

“What’s your decision?”

“What do you want?” I gave him a resigned look.

His lips spread in a leering smile. “Still pretending… bitch.”

He pushed me back on the bed. He reached his hand between my legs. I felt his hand groping between my thighs, roaming over my pussy. He fumbled to locate the cord of my salwar (a traditional loose pant like dress worn by women) and when he found it, he undid it. He then grabbed the cloth and pushed it off my thighs.

“No… please don’t.” I cried in shame.

I closed my eyes in utter shame. Tears rolled out of eyes and disappeared into my hair. He pulled the salwar off my leg and tossed it aside. His hand was now moving over my naked thighs. I felt it groping at my knickers. Without waiting, he pulled them off too. He then lifted the hem of my kurta (a long shirt) and exposed my naked cunt.

My most intimate and private part was exposed so brazenly to the leering eyes of my father-in-law. I opened my eyes for a fraction of second. His bulging eyes were glued to my exposed pussy. He was slowly wetting his lips with his tongue.

My face turned red with utmost shame and disgust. I had never been so lecherously exposed even to my husband in my ten years of married life. We fucked mostly with all the lights off. Adeel liked it that way and I never thought beyond that. I couldn’t recollect many occasions when Adeel had seen me completely naked.

I was lying on my father-in-law’s bed with my lower half completely bare, my father-in-law lustily gazing at my hairy pussy. He had taken his cock out of his tahmed and was stroking it with his left hand.

My heart was beating like a drum. I crossed my legs in a vain attempt to hide my hairy cunt from his lecherous gaze.

He watched this with an amazed look in his eyes. His left hand still stroking his cock, he undid his tahmed. It fell on the floor. He climbed on his bed and settled near my thighs. I closed my eyes again.

I felt his hand roaming over my pussy slowly. He forced my legs apart and spread them wide. Then his fingers touched my pussy. He spread my cunt lips. My body twitched when his index finger touched my inner labia.

“Come on… enjoy it Nilu.” I felt his hot breath over my cheeks as his lips touched my lips. “I’m sure you’re not getting it for the first time.” He whispered in my ear and then laughed lecherously.

His fingers continued rummaging through my bushy cunt.

“Oh… gawd… what a pussy!” He muttered to himself.

He withdrew his hand from my cunt and positioned himself between my wide spread legs. He took his cock between in his fist and began running the inflated head over my slit. My mind began to revolt again. This place was reserved only for my beloved husband, and now it was being violated so wantonly by none other than his own father.

“No!” I tried to push him back.

He laughed like a maniac and grabbed me again, pinning me on the bed. I continued struggling but soon realized that I was no match for his brutal strength.

With my arms pinned with his hands, he positioned himself between my thighs. I felt his cock head nudging between my pussy lips. He leaned forward, brought my both hands together over my head and grabbed them with his right hand. His left hand was now free. His powerful legs pressed my struggling legs relentlessly, stifling my resistance.

With his free hand, he gripped his cock, and placed the tip at the entrance of my cunt. I felt my pussy lips spread to accommodate the intruding organ. He pushed forward. His cock entered mercilessly inside my cunt. I felt a sharp twinge of pain between my thighs; and I cried loudly. His cock must be thicker than Adeel’s tool.

The pain caused my eyes to open. I found his face just above mine, staring into my eyes. When he found me looking in his eyes, he smiled lewdly and gave a massive thrust. His mammoth hardness tore into me. It felt like a burning rod entering between my thighs.

“No… please,” I wailed with pain. “please take it out… it’s hurting.”

He laughed triumphantly, happy for his prized win. “Stop crying, it’s already in dear.”

I then realized that his tool was completely buried inside my hurting pussy, his balls touching the back of my ass. He bent his head and kissed me. He held still for some time enjoying the feel of his long thick tool resting inside my smarting pussy. Then he withdrew his cock until only the tip remained inside. The pain eased a little.

He pushed again ramming his massive hardness deep into my pussy. I yelled again.

“Aah… Nilu… what a tight cunt.” He gave me a lecherous grin.

He began fucking me with long strokes. Realizing that he would not listen to my cries; I resigned myself to my fate. He didn’t relent and continued plundering my pussy with hard strokes.

With every passing second, his humping got wilder. He fucked me harder and harder. Slowly the pain began to ease off; my cunt got adjusted to his savage thrusting. His rough thrusting cock tickled some unknown nerves and my pussy began to lubricate. I didn’t want to admit it, but my body began to respond to his humping.

He was groaning and panting with effort. His face and body were covered with perspiration. Yet, he showed no sign of relenting. He continued fucking my pussy, with every stroke, his humping got more and more ferocious.

Finally, he cried loudly, and plunged his cock all the way inside my pussy. I felt his cock swell inside me, jerk violently and spurt his hot molten seed inside the soft folds of my cunt. It felt like a hot geyser opening inside me, inundating my soft enclave.

Completely spent, he slumped over me; his face pressed between my breasts which were still hidden beneath the kurta. He was panting with the effort. Surprisingly, I could also hear my own heavy breathing. His cock began to deflate inside me, but he made no attempt to take it out.

When he didn’t try to move away, I pushed him back. His cock came out with a loud plop sound. His thick cock juice that was ’till now trapped inside began to ooze out of my hairy cunt. He collapsed on my side.

I got off his bed hurriedly. He looked at me with half opened eyes; did nothing to stop me. I picked up my salwar and knickers from the floor. Before coming out of his room, I turned back and looked at him. His eyes were open, and he wore a lazy look. His lips were spread in a winning smile as he watched me go out.

I entered my bedroom and rushed to the bathroom. Quickly, I undressed by removing my kurta and bra. I started the shower and stood underneath, letting the shower’s cold water pour over my heated body. I could feel my father-in-law’s cum rinsing off my thighs with the water.

I realized that my body was still trembling.

In a matter of minutes, my whole world had changed. I had been raped by my husband’s father. I didn’t know how I would face Adeel tonight. What would I tell him? Could I tell him what his father did to me?

I sat on the bathroom floor, folded my leg close to my thighs and rested my head over my knees. Tears began to streak down my eyes. Water from the shower continued drenching my shivering body.

I knew that I could not tell Adeel of what had happened with me. I should have told him on the first occasion itself; I cursed myself. Now he wouldn’t take the news easily. Although he loved me but he would not accept me for fucking his father. No… I wouldn’t tell him.

I don’t know how long I stayed there. Finally, I got up, and wiped my face clearing the tears from my eyes. I washed my cunt, then opened the bathroom door and came out.

Father-in-law was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom.

His legs were wide open, and he was sporting another massive erection.

In my rush, I had forgotten to lock my room’s door.

“You shouldn’t have left,” He smiled lecherously. “I still need you.”

Frozen with shock, I stared at him incredulously.

“Look,” he pointed toward his hard on, “he’s still hungry.”

“No… Not again.” I mumbled. “Please get out.”

He didn’t listen to me; rose from his position and came near to me. He grabbed my soaked body in his arms and dragged me to my bed.

“No… No…” I resisted. He pushed me on the bed.

“I’ll tell Adeel.” I said meekly.

“No… won’t.” He began stroking his already rigid cock. “You tell

Adeel… and I’ll throw you out.”

I looked at him like a terrified kitten.

Father-in-law sat on the edge. “You’ll like it Nilu…believe me…you’ll like it.” His voice was suddenly soft. “I’ll make you very happy.”

“No… I can’t do it… please.” I made a meek effort to stop him.

“No but…” He gently brushed his hand over my wet bush. “Adeel will never know about it… I promise you.”

I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. Father-in-law began rubbing my pussy. His index finger touched my clit, and he brushed it coarsely. I squeezed my thighs. He played with my wet hairy clit, slowly running his fingers up and down.

I didn’t want to admit it, but his rough finger felt good over my love bud. His antics slowly tickled some unknown nerves, and my body began to respond to his touch. I could feel a mild wave of pleasure radiating through my loins. All of a sudden, my cunt lips jerked involuntarily.

You like it Nilu…” Father-in-law whispered his voice hoarse with lust. “I know you like it.”

I was sure that his poking fingers must have sensed the twitching in my pussy. My face turned red. I closed my eyes with shame.

“Spread your legs.” He said suddenly. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He put his hand over my thigh and pushed. As if, my body accepted his command, my knees fell apart, allowing him full view of my wet pussy. He lustily gazed at my hairy slit while licking his lips.

He kept on playing with my clit. With his free hand, he started stroking his bulging cock. His fingers massaged around my cunt lips and clit; my body began to buck with pleasure. The copious secretion from my cunt began to ooze out, slowly seeping down to my puckered hole.

I wanted to stop him… wanted to move his hand off my clit. I realized if he kept rubbing my cunt like that, I would succumb to the pleasure and nothing would stop me from cumming. I was slowly losing my self- control; my body responding more eagerly to his manipulations.

‘Get off you scum’ — I wanted to scream. I opened my lips. All that came out was a loud whimper.

“Ahhhhhhh…” I gave a long moan, my body became tense; my body reeled with a mind blowing orgasm.

I squeezed my cunt around his finger tightly and went into total spasm.

My cunt throbbed and throbbed around his finger, and it inundated his probing digit with a fresh release of my juice.

Father-in-law groaned happily. Immediately, he withdrew his finger and moved to between my legs. He positioned himself and grabbed his cock in his fist. I was mesmerized by the purple-colored, bloated cock-head which had a tiny drop of pre-cum at the tip.

Again, a silent battle ensued between my mind and body. I wanted to push him off and run away from my room, but my body refused. It stayed motionless… with fear or lust, I didn’t know.

His cock nudged between my cunt lips. Father-in-law slowly pushed his cock into me.

“No…” I cried; but my cunt readily accepted the intruding organ. I felt a gentle twinge, a faint memory of our previous fuck, as his cock moved inside my slippery canal.

His cock was completely buried in me with one smooth push. I moaned softly as his balls slapped against my ass.

He smiled happily, looking at me with his lust filled eyes. “You like it darling… you like it.”

He began fucking me with long strokes.

I lay beneath him silently, receiving his gigantic cock in and out of my pussy. Within a span of thirty minutes, I was getting fucked for the second time by my father-in-law. My own response was completely different from the first time. My cunt was responding very eagerly. It lapped his every stroke, sucking his cock into its ravenous depth.

“Nilu…” He spoke hoarsely.


“You like my cock inside your cunt… don’t you.”

“No… ahhh… ahhh…” My mind was reeling with pleasure, but I was not ready to accept it yet. He was my rapist. I didn’t do it willingly; he forced me to do it.

However, my own body refused to accept my logic– it reeled and bucked with pleasure.

He groaned. Grabbing my legs, he lifted them high in the air, and began fucking harder. In and out, in and out… his massive cock bore into my pussy, making it beg for more. With every stroke, he pushed deeper and deeper; his balls slapped noisily against my ass. I didn’t realize when

I started moaning.

Father-in-law pumped harder and harder. My pussy clutched tightly around his shaft. He was panting with the effort. I thirstily waited for him to erupt inside me again.

Moments later, he reached his climax.

He rammed his cock inside for the final time. His spitting cock pumped hot cum deep into my pussy. It drove me over the edge. I dug my fingers into the material of bed sheet to prevent me fainting with rapture.

He emptied his balls deep, then slowly got off me. His cum began to ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. I didn’t move, closed my eyes and enjoyed the blissful moment.

When I opened my eyes, father-in-law was sitting on the edge of my bed.

His hands were on my naked thighs. He was gently stroking them. He looked at me and smiled.

“Don’t say anything to Adeel.” He was smiling, but the threat was very clear. “I’ll make you very happy.”

I gave him a delirious look, but didn’t speak. He got up, gave a final pat to my naked thigh and went out of the room. He didn’t even close the door behind him.

I watched him going, suddenly realizing that my bed was soaked because when he dragged me to bed, I was fresh out of the shower.

I didn’t feel any hurry. I just lay there, feeling his hot cum oozing out of my pussy, dribbling down to my ass and then to the bed underneath.

I realized that I would never be able to tell the truth to Adeel. I had enjoyed my second fuck with my father-in-law.


My cunt was sore when I went to my bedroom that night. Adeel arrived early that evening. I served dinner to them– Adeel, his father and the kids. Father-in-law was very talkative. He joked with the kids and discussed business with Adeel. He even advised him to bring some gift for me the next day.

During dinner, I avoided going out to the veranda and stayed mostly in the safety of my kitchen. I was afraid to face my husband in front of his father. I was worried that he would read on my face what had transpired between his father and me during the day.

The kids were already asleep when I entered my bedroom. Adeel was awake–waiting for me. I avoided eye contact, turned off the lights and silently slipped into the bed beside him. I lay with my back toward him.

I felt his hand over me, and he pulled me into his arms.

“No… Not today… I’m tired.” I told him.

He didn’t seem to listen. His hands began to explore my private parts, and he began to strip me. I had no courage to stop him. I lay there silently letting him remove my clothes.

Once I was completely naked, he began to strip. Then I felt him between my legs. His cock tip nudged at my opening which was smarting due to morning fuck.

I wanted to ask him to stop, afraid that he would immediately come to know about my infidelity.

Adeel tried to push his cock into my pussy. The tip forced against my sore inner lips. I moaned. He took it as a sign of acceptance, and he pushed harder. It didn’t go inside. My cunt was completely dry.

Failing to insert his cock into me, he withdrew it and replaced it with his finger. His index finger entered my aching cunt, and he began finger fucking me. I lay still under him while his digit moved in and out of my pussy.

His efforts began to pay off moments later. I felt the sensation and my pussy started lubricating.

Only then, I realized why my pussy was hurting so much after the morning fuck. When father-in-law fucked me in the morning; I was afraid and was not ready for the fuck. My cunt was completely dry when he rammed his cock in mercilessly, making it feel like a virgin pussy.

I began to relish Adeel’s slow finger fucking. Soon, my cunt was dripping wet.

Adeel withdrew his finger and again planted the tip of his cock at the dripping entrance of my pussy. He pushed lightly. His cock moved easily into my slick pussy. He inched forward, slowly inserting the entire length of his cock deep into my pussy, his balls coming to rest against my ass.

He began fucking me with a slow rhythm. I enjoyed his deep rhythmic fucking.

My mind drifted to my father-in-law. I tried to compare the two men who had fucked me. Adeel was a delicate lover, gentle and caring. Fucking Adeel always gave me an impression of being handled with utmost care. He never rushed, never tried to force it, and always fucked me in slow and deliberate manner.

My morning experience with his father was exactly the opposite.

He was like an animal in bed, wild and savage. He fucked me so hard that my cunt was still aching. He didn’t bother to work my pussy for some lubrication. I felt disgusted when he began fucking me but when he finished; my cunt, although hurting from his animal onslaught, was silently begging for more. I had never been fucked like that before.

Again, I recalled the morning fuck. My pussy began to ooze aplenty. I moaned lightly.

Adeel groaned happily hearing my muffled moans while his cock sliced into my cunt. He was panting with the effort. I felt ashamed for thinking about my father-in-law while my husband was making love to me. I shrugged myself out of my reverie and began humping back at the

pistoning cock.

Adeel found me responding. He increased his pumping. He was fast approaching his climax.

Finally, he grunted loudly, and lunged forward. He buried his cock deep into my pussy and erupted inside me. His cock spurted again and again and flooded my womb with his love juice.

Slowly, the jerking receded and then ceased altogether. He gently pulled his soft cock out of my pussy. Breathing heavily, he rolled off me and slumped on my side. I slipped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I pissed and washed my cunt thoroughly, dried my cunt lips and wet bush with a towel. Then I put my clothes on.

When I returned, Adeel was snoring. I lay beside him silently, closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

In a single day, I had been fucked by two men. Two different cocks had deposited their seeds inside my womb. I had been raped and loved on the same day. Two people… so different from each other… one a gentle lover… the other like a wild animal. I should hate the animal for what he did to me.

But, did I… really?

Today, something had changed inside me. My body longed to relive that pleasure again, to feel that animal energy penetrating my body, the brutal thrusting and massive force of ejaculation inundating my pussy.

I squirmed on the bed, squeezing my thighs, trying to stop the sudden flow of wetness seeping from my cunt.

When I finally drifted to sleep, I was soaking wet between my legs.


The first thing I noticed in the morning was that the soreness was replaced by a very mild, gentle prickling sensation, a faint reminder of what had transpired yesterday.

The morning passed in the usual way. I sent the kids to school and cooked breakfast for Adeel and his father. Father-in-law came out of his room only when the breakfast was ready. He looked fresh and gave me a nasty grin. Red with embarrassment, I avoided his gaze, and served the breakfast.

They ate ravenously while I served the tea.

After breakfast, Adeel changed and was ready for the shop. He took instructions from his father, collected his tiffin and went out.

I was now alone in the house. Father-in-law had already retired to his room. He was watching some news channel. I could hear the sound of a news reader reading the morning news.

I paced in the kitchen; a strange nervousness gripped me. My heart began to beat faster. I expected him to come out of his room, grab me, take me to his room and fuck me hard. I was suddenly flushed.

Holy shit…I cursed myself for my lustful thinking. I must hate that bastard for ruining my life… the evil man who had violated me like an animal. A fight within my conscious ensued. My body responded in an entirely different way. I could feel my crotch getting wetter with every passing minute.

Someone knocked at the front door. When I opened it, the housemaid was standing there. To my surprise, I didn’t like her presence although it was her regular routine. I accompanied her to the kitchen and gave her the instructions.

While she was busy mopping the floor, I stood by the kitchen door and looked in the direction of my father-in-law’s room. No movement. He seemed busy listening to the morning news, but I was sure that he must be looking at me from some hidden corner.

The maid finished her work. I walked her to the door and locked it. I was breathing heavily. Anytime now father-in-law would come out and grab me in his arms. My cunt twitched with a strange anticipation.

“How can I do this?” I felt ashamed about my lewd thoughts.

I heard Shama cry. I rushed to my bedroom, took her in my arm and breast-fed her. She was soon asleep.

I came out of my room. I picked up the noise of the shower running in the common bathroom.

“Nilu…” I heard him shout from the bathroom.


“I forgot my towel,” He said loudly. “Please give it to me.”

“Help yourself.” I realized that my voice was quivering.

“I am naked… can’t come out… please get it.” He shouted from the bathroom; I could feel the taunt in his voice.

My body began to tremble with an incredible anticipation. I went to his room, took his towel from his bed and walked to the bathroom door. I gently tapped on the door.


The door opened immediately. I extended my hand with the towel while looking away from him.

“What’re you doing Nilu… hand it properly?”

I turned my head. Father-in-law was standing naked at the door, leering; his body soaked with water, his massive cock jutting out of his coarse bush, his heavy balls hanging erotically.

“Look what happens to me every time I see you.” He smiled lecherously as he twitched his strong abdominal muscles to cause his cock to jounce up and down.

I could not avoid looking at the thick rod that was swinging so majestically. Father-in-law moved forward, grabbed my hand and dragged me into his arms.

“Let me go.” I tried to resist unsuccessfully. “Please.”

He laughed and dragged my struggling body under the shower. The cold water from shower fell over our heated bodies. I could feel his raging hardon poking into my belly through my wet clothes.

He began to take my clothes off.

“No… Please don’t.” I offered a half hearted resistance. “Let me go.”

He didn’t seem to listen to me. One by one, he undid my kurta and salwar. First, he pulled my kurta over my head. He then unhooked my bra exposing my full breast and hard nipples. He carelessly dropped the bra on the floor. Shivering with shame, I cupped my tits in a frail attempt to hide my nudity from him. He didn’t pay any attention and proceeded to undo my salwar. Next moment, my salwar was on the floor and I was standing there in nothing but my panties. He groaned happily at my predicament, slipped his fingers into my panties and rolled them down my thighs.

I was standing completely naked, next to my father-in-law, his bulbous cock head poking into my fleshy belly. Trembling feverishly, I covered my tits with one hand and tried to cover my bushy cunt with the other.

His lips spread in a lewd smile. He took my hands and forced them apart exposing my tits and cunt. He looked at my naked body with admiration.

“You’re gorgeous Nilu.” His voice was hoarse with lust.

He grabbed me back into his arms crushing my supple body into his hairy chest. My body melted in his arms. My swollen and hard nipples pressed against his chest. I felt his erect cock and balls rubbing against my tummy.

My pussy was dripping with anticipation. All thoughts of remorse suddenly evaporated. I realized I was no longer nervous but ready.

Father-in-law moved his hand over my buttocks and pulled my soft body into his masculine body. He brought his lips down and kissed me. I readily accepted his advance and returned his kiss. His tongue probed my mouth as his hand kneaded the big halves of my ass.

We kissed passionately. I had forgotten that it was totally forbidden for me. If the truth came out, I would have no place in this society. I would lose my husband, children… everything that life had given me so far. I would become a pariah.

Nonetheless, in the heat of the moment, none of this came to my mind. All I wanted was that magnificent cock plundering my hungry pussy.

Father-in-law seemed to understand my desire. He took my hand and placed it over his cock. Under the falling water from the shower, it felt like a burning rod of steel, strong and thick. His hand moved between my thighs, and his fingers explored my soaked hairy pussy. He inserted a digit into my cunt.

I moaned with delight.

He fucked me with his finger. His finger was thick, almost like a cock. My cunt willingly accepted the intruding digit and clasped it in its velvety enclave.

I was breathing hard with passion. His moving finger inside my cunt was doing miracles, causing my cunt to beg for more. I felt my warm cunt juices soaking his finger. He drove me crazy with desire. I desperately wanted his thick rigid tool between my pussy lips. I tightened my fingers over his cock and rubbed it against my pussy lips.

Father-in-law brought his mouth to my soft nipples. He took one between his lips and sucked it hard, making me whimper with lust. I was still a lactating mother. He sucked milk from my breast hungrily. I realized that if I didn’t let him fuck me, I would die of my extreme desire.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…” I heard myself moaning. I wanted to tell him that it felt so good, but the words got stuck in my mouth.

Father-in-law alternated between my tits, sucking both nipples one by one, enjoying my motherly milk. He gave equal attention to each of my tits. His sucking became rougher. I began to whimper and squirm; my hand tightly squeezed and released his cock.

He let go my tits and began kissing me on my stomach. I felt his tongue probing into my belly button. His tongue moved further down toward the hairy mound of my pussy. Then I felt his tongue sliding over my bushy cunt lips.

It was an entirely new experience. For a second, I thought that I would die with rapture. Adeel had never kissed me down there. I had never enjoyed the bliss of oral sex though I was vaguely aware of the fact that some people do things like that.

“What… what are you doing?” I moaned– never wanting him to stop.

Father-in-law spread my fleshy thighs and began licking my dripping pussy. I felt his tongue exploring my inner cunt lips and my tiny bud protruding at the top. His tongue flicked rapidly over my inflamed clitoris.

He began to eat my pussy heatedly. He slid his tongue deep into my juicy cunt, and then pulled it out slowly. He pinched my clit and then tried to take it between his lips. My clit is very small so he forced his lips over it and sucked it sharply.

My body shuddered as a sudden flash of pleasure shot through my body. I arched my back and cried out. My thighs were trembling violently. My hand fumbled to hold something on the wall to prevent myself from collapsing. I raised my hands and groped for the shower’s pipe. I grabbed it with both hands. Supporting my load against the pipe, I spread my legs further providing his probing tongue further access to my dripping pussy. I became aware of my hairy armpits, realizing that I hadn’t shaved them for almost six months.

Father-in -law was pretty occupied with my cunt. He sucked my cunt lips into his mouth and flicked my clit so wildly with his tongue that I was afraid I might come before he even started fucking me.

I squirmed my thighs against his tongue.

As if he understood my desperation, father-in-law withdrew his tongue from my dripping pussy. I wondered how he would fuck me as there wasn’t enough space in the bathroom. I expected him to take me out to his bedroom. However, he had other plans. He pushed the bucket and a small plastic tub to one corner, then grabbed me by my hips and helped me settle on the limited space on the bathroom floor. It was an awkward position as my legs were high and resting against the wall. He positioned himself between my legs and lowered himself.

I watched deliriously as he lowered his waist. I felt his fingers holding his cock as he fumbled at the opening. He found the right place and planted the tip. Then he pushed forward. His thick cock moved easily in my dripping cunt. He didn’t have to make any further efforts as my cunt was well lubricated. He lowered his hips until the entire length of his cock was buried inside me.

Intuitively, I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He buried his face between my undulating tits and started fucking me with his massive cock. His movements were slow at first probably because of our awkward position, but he soon found his rhythm and began fucking me harder and faster.

I could feel his gigantic prick fucking deeper and deeper into my dripping cunt hole. With every stroke, it was driving me nuts. I clasped my thighs tightly around his waist and tried to wiggle my hips, trying to get his raging cock even deeper into my willing cunt.

His face was buried in my tits. His lips were mercilessly kneading my soft flesh. He was groaning loudly with lust.

“Nilu… what a cunt.” He was out of breath with exertion. He pounded my pussy relentlessly.

His lewd words worked to aggravate my longing for his ferocious cock. I began working my cunt muscles over his cock. I tried to hold his cock tightly inside by squeezing my cunt muscles. Father-in-law moaned with pleasure.

Both of us had completely forgotten the water that was continuously falling over our burning bodies.

“Aaahhhhh… aah… aah…” I realized that I was actually moaning with lust with every plunge he made into my hungry cunt. My pussy was dripping profusely under his onslaught.

Over and over, father-in-law fucked his mammoth cock deep into my wet slick pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore. My orgasm hit me like a flash of lightening.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhh…” I moaned shamelessly, completely oblivious to the fact that I was actually coming while fucking my father-in-law. I enjoyed my orgasm with wild abandon.

Father-in-law sensed my orgasm. He began pumping my pussy even harder.

“I’m coming… Nilu… its coming.” He moaned and fucked his cock all the way into my ravenous pussy. He cried loudly as his cock began shooting inside me. Wads of thick sticky cum spurt from his massive fuck tool and gushed into my ravenous pussy. He pressed my body against the floor. I put my arms around his neck and enjoyed the hot molten seed erupting from his rigid shaft.

Slowly, the throbbing subsided and his cock began to soften inside me. My legs were still clenching to his waist. He rested his face over my tits, desperately trying to control his erratic breathing.

We remained there in that position, trying to catch our breaths. Then I lowered my leg on the floor. He got up. His limp cock slipped out of me.

His cum oozed out of my freshly fucked pussy, dribbling along the crack of my ass, mixed with the water pouring from the shower. The water helped in rinsing a part of our fuck juices from our bodies.

Father-in-law gave me a satisfied grin.

“God knows Nilu,” He smiled. “I never fucked a cunt like yours.”

After so recklessly enjoying a mind blowing fuck with my father-in-law, I suddenly found myself turning red with shame and embarrassment.

Father-in-law helped me in washing my cunt. He took his time in working his fingers up my pussy and cleansed every drop of cum deposited.

Still, he was not satisfied. We showered together and only then, he relented and released me. I hurriedly fled to my room, naked, leaving my drenched clothes lying on the bathroom floor.

I closed the doors from the inside and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of my dressing table; dried my soaked body and began drying my wet hair with the towel.

I looked at my naked reflection in the mirror. My body was glowing with the aftereffects of my shower fuck with my father-in-law. I found myself turning crimson.

I had cheated on my loving husband. I wasn’t fully responsible for the last day’s incident. However, I couldn’t deny that I had seen it coming, yet didn’t do much to stop it. Perhaps I should have informed Adeel about his father’s overtures much earlier.

Now, it was too late. The thin line separating my relationship with my father-in-law had been crossed. The truth was that I had enjoyed it; in fact, I rather waited for it to happen today.

By succumbing to the temptation, I had lost any moral ground that I had before starting my lustful relation with my father-in-law.

I saw my daughter stirring in her bed. Afraid that she would wake up at any moment, I dropped the towel, and hurriedly took a new pair of bra and panties from the dresser and slipped them on my body.

I was about to put my salwar and kurta on when there was a knock at the door.

“Who’s there?” Although, I knew who it was.

“Nilu… open the door,” The horny old man was gain back, “wanna show you something.”

“Not yet.” I replied, again feeling a sudden rush of excitement running through my body. “I’m still undressed.”

Immediately, his lecherous laughter resonated from the other side of door. “Still have something to hide? Please open… I’ve got something for you.”

I thought for a moment, and then opened the door. Father-in-law stepped inside.

He was in his usual dress; his upper body bare and a tahmed carelessly wrapped around his waist that did nothing to hide the bulge in front of his crotch. When he saw me standing in only in a bra and panties, his eyes opened wide in admiration.

“It’s for you.” He gave me a lewd grin. He brought his hand from behind his back and presented me with a box.

I reached out and took the box in my hand. I lifted the lid and slowly opened the box. Nestled in the blue velvety cloth was a beautiful pearl necklace. He removed it from the box and held it up.

“It’s for you.” He whispered.

“No… I can’t take it.” I refused. “What am I gonna tell Adeel.”

“Don’t worry about him.” He handed me the necklace. “Just give him any cock and bull story… he’ll believe it.”

He moved behind me, took the necklace from me and slipped it around my neck. Then he took me in front of the mirror.

“Nilu… you’re gorgeous.” He spoke as he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt his hardness pressing into my back.

His hand slipped inside my panties, and his hand touched my juicy, swollen cunt lips and quickly found my clit. He began to rub my tiny love-button.

“No… please stop… not anymore.” I resisted, but he didn’t listen to me. In a flash, he slipped my panties off my legs. Then he unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor.

“Now look,” Said the horny old man. “so… beautiful.”

I stared at the petite naked woman, with only a pearl necklace around her neck, staring at me from the mirror. A pair of hands were working over her hairy pussy from behind. I had never been in such a position.

A sudden wave of arousal rushed through my body.

I felt his cock poking into my ass cheeks. Then I realized that father-in-law had already dropped his tahmed, and he was standing completely naked behind me.

Father-in-law grabbed me from behind and forced me to bend forward.

“No… not.” I tried to stop him. “What’re you doing?”

He didn’t listen and pushed me. I bent forward and grabbed the edge of the dressing table. I was now on all fours with my ass high in air and my hands gripping the dressing table. He positioned himself behind me.

I held my breath as his mammoth manhood touched my glistening pussy.

He took the cock tip between his thumb and index finger and planted the tip at the opening of my scorching pussy. My entire body shivered with strange anticipation. I was never fucked from behind before. Although, Adeel and I were aware about many positions of fucking, but we had never given it a try. It was mostly done in missionary position. Adeel never liked to experiment; and I was too prudish to ask for any such thing.

I waited with bated breath.

“Sorry Nilu… can’t stop now.” I felt his cock head gently opening my inflamed cunt lips.

He gripped my hips and gave a massive push. His cock began its journey into my already creaming pussy. In one stroke, it was completely buried into me. His crotch banged against my ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Father-in-law cried in excitement as his cock plunged into my cunt. He began fucking me vigorously.

I waited for a moment and then began responding to his strokes. Father-in-law fucked me harder and faster. I was surprised at his energy. Only fifteen minutes ago, he had fucked me in the shower, and now his cock was again buried inside from behind and he was pumping my pussy like a madman. I could never recall being fucked by Adeel twice in one day. Probably during the initial years of our marriage, he had fucked me more than once but such occasions were very rare.

I had a sense of exhilaration for being such a turn on for my father-in-law.

His cock was moving in and out of my ravenous cunt like a piston. With every stroke, he was pulling his cock completely out of my pussy and then immediately ramming it back into my horny depths. I began to squirm.

I lifted my head and stared at the woman at me from the mirror. Her face contorted with lust; she was groaning, moaning, begging the old man to pump her pussy harder and harder. It was entirely a different woman. The simple homely housewife was lost somewhere, and I was looking at a cock hungry whore who was so lecherously enjoying her ordeal.

Father-in-law was groaning with effort. His movements were increasing with every passing second. His strong thighs slapped against the back of my thighs again and again. My whole body reveled with the exquisite feeling.

“Aarhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He moaned loudly as he plunged his hard on into my pussy. I sensed his impending orgasm and thrust my ass to take his plunge.

His cock exploded like a massive volcano, releasing a big load of thick fresh cum deep inside my pussy. I felt his jerking within the velvety folds of my pussy and releasing gob after gob of fresh cum. It triggered my own orgasm. My pussy twitched violently around his cock. I forcibly squeezed my thighs trying to milk his shooting cock.

His cock jerked inside me for the final time, and then his ejaculation stopped. He withdrew his slick cock out of my cum filled pussy.

Father-in-law slumped over my back, breathing heavily. I felt his cum oozing out of my pussy and slowly trickling along my inner thighs.

Finally, he got up releasing his grip on my hips. I got up and turned to face him. I looked at his cum soaked cock that was fast shrinking in size. He gave me an exultant look.

Lovingly, he put his had over my dripping pussy and gently ran his fingers over my slit. I closed my eyes and reveled in a wanton abandon.

“Nilu…” He spoke. I opened my eyes.

“You should take care of yourself.” He pointed toward my hairy underarms. “Go to a parlor and get this removed.”

He gave me warm smile, and went out of the room, gently closing the door behind him.

I staggered to my bed and collapsed over it. I got back to my senses only when my one year old daughter woke up and began crying.

I suddenly felt ashamed of my nakedness in front of my toddler. I slipped a sheet, covered my naked body, and took her in my arms.

That afternoon, I visited a beauty salon to get a complete makeover.


We never know what life has in store for us. We start doing something that we don’t enjoy, but end up liking it.

Something similar happened to me. My amorous relationship with my father-in-law started as a non-consensual one. I hated my father-in-law for taking advantage of my vulnerability. He threatened me and then fucked me against my will. However, once I took his cock into my pussy, I forgot everything.

It was a strange kind of love-hate relationship. I still hated him secretly for what he did to me, yet I longed to feel his cock fucking into my horny pussy.

I never realized when I was transformed from a simple housewife to a cock-hungry slut.

There were brief spells of righteousness, when I thought that I should stop screwing my father-in-law. But they were short-lived. Father-in-law successfully thwarted any such attempt. He cajoled me, brought me new gifts and if that didn’t work then he threatened me; he did everything to get inside my panties.

And he succeeded every time.

I was aware that I had been cheating on my faithful husband. It always kept nagging in the back of my head. In moments of solitude, I always felt overwhelmed by a deep sense of remorse. Yet, I couldn’t resist the carnal pleasure that I enjoyed in the company of my father-in-law. After many years of marriage, I began caring for my looks. I started dressing nicely, and enjoying the frequent gifts my father-in-law had been bestowing upon me. I was sure Adeel must have noticed those changes. He appeared surprised at times, but he never mentioned it.

Father-in-law was an extremely horny old stud. He fucked me everywhere in the house; on his bed, on my bed, on the dining table, in the shower, even in the open courtyard. I can’t recall if there were anywhere left in the house where we didn’t fuck.

Once I lost my reservations, I began to explore every facet of lovemaking with my father-in-law. I did many things with him which I could never have dreamt of doing with Adeel. I began watching porn movies with my father-in-law. I found it repulsive initially, but later I started enjoying it. Often, when we were alone at home, we watched movies together. Then he would fuck me in the various styles shown in the movies. I loved the way he sucked my cunt. Father-in-law was an ardent cunt licker. Every time he went down on me, he drove me crazy with pleasure.

One day, he asked me to suck his cock. I was reluctant at first. After some coercion, I agreed with a condition that he would not cum in my mouth. He agreed, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it. He kept his promise and when he was about to shoot, he took it out and spurted all over my tits and belly, the same way as it was done in one of the porn movie. I found it highly erotic. Slowly, I began enjoying taking his cock in my mouth and sucking him hard.

I was also aware that it would be very difficult to keep our relationship secret for a very long time. One day Adeel would come to learn about it.

It finally happened.

It was an early October cool morning. My affair with father-in-law had already entered its third month.

The housemaid finished her daily chores; I quickly walked her to the door. I had already fed Shama, and she was fast asleep.

As I locked the front door, father-in-law was already behind me clad in only his trademark tahmed. He grabbed me. His hardness pressed into my ass.

By the time we reached my bedroom, I was completely naked. My clothes were lying carelessly in the corridor from the front door, all the way to my room.

Father-in-law pushed me onto the bed. He undid his tahmed and dropped it on the floor. He hurriedly got between my legs. In a moment, he was between my legs, with his face buried between my thighs and his hungry tongue lashing over my already dripping pussy.

He tongue fucked my horny pussy to an orgasm. My body was writhing with lust. I was dying to feel his massive cock plundering my ravenous pussy.

Father-in-law gripped his cock between his fingers and rubbed it along my wet slit. He didn’t attempt to slide it inside my pussy; he just continued rubbing it over my slit.

“Fuck me.” I said irritably, gyrating my inflamed cunt lips over his cock head. “Don’t make me wait.”

“Okay.” He leered still running his cock head along my cunt slit.

“Please!” I wriggled my ass trying to get his cock inside me.

“Really? You want it?” he teased me.

“Yes, please don’t tease me,” I begged, “fuck me hard.”

“As you wish my love, here it comes.” Finally, he relented and eased the fat head of his cock into the entrance of my cunt. He then stopped again!

“Fuck me!” I cried like a slut, lifting my ass off the bed.

Father-in-law laughed triumphantly, gripped my trembling legs and lunged. His cock pierced my spongy cunt.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!” I moaned as I felt his cock moving deep inside me. My head snapped back. I reveled in the feeling of his massive cock resting inside my scalding pussy.

Father-in-law moved his hips, gently eased his cock from my hungry cunt until only the cock head was still inside. Then he forced it back into my eager pussy, causing me to moan with ecstasy.

He repeated his action again and again, driving me crazy with his passionate thrusts. A thundering spasm rippled through my pussy each time his cock plunged in. My pussy began dripping profusely with his lustful strokes.

“Like it?” Father-in-law asked as he pumped his cock in my pussy.

“Ahh… ahhh… yes… abbu (daddy)… yes… aahhh…” I murmured between my moans of ecstasy.

“Don’t call me abbu.” He drove back his cock into my ravenous depth. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

“You’re my father-in-law,” I teased him, enjoying the way he plundered my pussy mercilessly. “What else should I call you? Adeel will be suspicious.”

“Okay you slut… you’re teasing me.” He drove in his cock with a massive thrust.

“Ahhhhh… ahhhhh!” I wailed in extreme pleasure.

Father-in-law moved his hips faster and faster, driving his cock into my scorching depths. The room was filled with liquid squishing sounds as his cock mercilessly plundered my drooling pussy.

He had started panting with the effort. I moaned loudly as my second orgasm hit me like a lightening. I bucked my hips up to receive his deep thrusts. My body went rigid with my orgasm.

Father-in-law didn’t stop pumping. He fucked me even harder. His cock sloshed into my dripping pussy like a piston, with every in-stroke forcing a fresh spasm of pleasure in my body.

“Ohhhh… it’s coming Nilu… it’s coming.” Father-in-law was fast approaching his own orgasm. I could sense his cock starting to swell inside me.

“Ahhhhhh!” He finally thrust his cock all the way into my willing receptacle and released his hot cum inside my hungry depths. His cock jerked inside me releasing a fresh load of hot jism.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hot juice flooding my cunt.

A long shrilly sound suddenly filled the silence of the house. We stopped in stunned silence, completely oblivious of what was happening. Then he realized it first.

“Shit! Someone’s at the door.” Father-in-law exclaimed.

Someone was pressing the doorbell.

Startled, father-in-law immediately rolled off me. His throbbing cock popped out of my pussy. Still squirting, it jerked violently and deposited a few more drop over my dark wet bush. Father-in-law jumped off the bed, grabbed his tahmed from the floor.

“Check who’s there Nilu.” He whispered and rushed out of my bedroom.

I quickly got off the bed, picked my clothes spread all over the corridor and then quickly dressed. There was no time to clean my pussy. I just pulled my panties on.

I glanced at myself in the mirror to make sure that I looked presentable, and I went over to the front door.

The bell rang again, this time for a much longer duration.

“Who’s there?” I asked trying to control my erratic breathing.

“Adeel.” My heart leaped to my throat. My husband was standing on the other side of the door. I opened the door immediately.

“Where were you?” He looked at me questioningly.

“I was sleeping.” In my rush, I couldn’t think of a better reply.

“At this hour?” He frowned. “Where’s abbu?”

“Don’t know; might be sleeping as well.”

“Strange… everyone is sleeping.” He babbled to himself; suddenly he stared at me. “What happened to you? You don’t look fine.”

Color drained from my face.

“Nothing…” I stammered, not knowing what else to say.

He said nothing, and went into the bedroom. I followed him hurriedly, silently praying. He went near the bed and turned toward me. I saw his nostrils flaring.

I panicked. I shouldn’t have let him in. He must have smelled the fresh fragrance of cum that permeated the air.

My eyes glanced over the bed; in my hurry, I had forgotten to adjust the bed cover. It was a complete mess; the bed cover was completely crumpled. There it was, a small wet spot on the sheets, almost an inch in diameter.

For a moment, I felt that my heart would stop beating. I moved to the bed quickly and sat so my body hid the spot from Adeel’s view.

Adeel looked at me, suspiciously.

“Who’s here Nilofer?” All of a sudden, father-in-law asked from outside my door. Adeel’s attention was immediately diverted toward him. Father-in-law is a shrewd man. He didn’t enter my room. Adeel went out to talk to him.

I took a deep sigh of relief. Quickly adjusted the bed sheets and covered the wet spot with a pillow. Then I sat on bed and prayed that Adeel wouldn’t decide to stay back.

Adeel talked with his father about some matter regarding the shop. He finally took instructions from father-in-law and then came inside after few minutes.

“I’m going with abbu.” He informed me. “Lock the door.”

As my husband and his father went out together, I quickly locked the door from inside, came back to my room and collapsed on the bed.

I just had a very narrow escape. I was lucky that Adeel didn’t notice the wet spot on the bed.

I realized that I would have to be very careful in the future.

Father-in-law and Adeel returned together late in the night. During dinner, Adeel appeared lost in his thoughts. After dinner, he immediately went to our bedroom.

I finished all routine work and went to the room around ten. Adeel was still awake. He was sitting on the edge of the bed. I stared at him and immediately realized that something was terribly wrong.

“Come here.” He said to me solemnly.

Mortified, I sat beside him.

He looked me straight in the eyes. “What’s going on between you and abbu?”

I had never expected that he would ask so bluntly. All color drained from my face. My whole body shivered with fear.

“Nothing…nothing.” I stammered.

“Don’t lie to me; what were you doing in the morning?”

I stared at him with frightened eyes. Nothing came out of my mouth.

“I want an answer.” His voice was sharp.

“I…I…don’t know what you’re talking about.” I didn’t know what to say. A morbid fear gripped my heart. Deep inside, I had a hunch that my secret was no longer secret.

“Should I tell you?” He retorted.

I tried to speak, but nothing came out of my throat. I knew my gut feeling was correct.

“Okay tell me,” his eyes were suddenly burning with anger, “since when it’s been going on?”

“What… I don’t understand… what you mean.” I wasn’t yet ready to accept my infidelity.

“Do you think I’m an asshole?” he roared, “I saw it last night… abbu was pinching your ass in the kitchen.”

I thought I would faint.

“And you were laughing.” He finished. His eyes never stopped looking at me.

I cursed father-in-law for his stupidity. Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner, he sneaked into the kitchen. Adeel and the kids were in my room at the time. Finding me alone, he put his hands over my ass and squeezed my cheeks. I had immediately removed his hands and warned him. But, I didn’t know that it was also seen by Adeel.

“What was happening today?” He asked again. “He was fucking you… am I right?”

Tears welled in my eyes. I knew that it was useless to pretend anymore.

I told him everything, from the very beginning. How his father threatened me and forced me to sleep with him.

Adeel listened silently; I could see his anger growing in his eyes. Finally, he rose from the bed. His eyes were burning with anger and hatred. He walked over to the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked anxiously.

He didn’t reply and went out of the room. I hurriedly went to the door and watched him going toward his father’s room. I didn’t have the courage to follow him, so I shut the door and sat behind it praying silently, tears streaming down my face.

For the next half hour, I heard the shouts and sharp voices emanating from father-in-law’s room. I could hear Adeel shouting at his father, and his father was replying with equal tenacity. Slowly, father-in-law’s voice became stronger and stronger. Adeel’s voice almost ceased to exist. Finally, everything fell silent.

I heard the door open. I quickly moved to my bed.

Adeel came in. His face was pale like a ghost’s. He stared at me for a moment and turned his gaze. I could see defeat in his eyes.

I felt hurt. Although I had been cheating on him, I still loved him. He was my first love. However, I didn’t have the courage to ask about what happened in his father’s room.

Adeel avoided my gaze. He silently got on the bed, moved to near where Rehaan, our son, and Shama were sleeping. He lay beside them and pulled the covers to hide his face.

My husband had again failed to stand up to his father.

I turned off the lights and tried to sleep. I couldn’t sleep that night.

In the morning, Adeel got up early and went to the shop without eating his breakfast. He didn’t even talk to me.

Father-in-law was again leering at the kitchen door.

The memories of last night were still alive in my mind. He looked unfazed despite everything. He barged into the kitchen and grabbed my waist.

“No…” I said angrily trying to get free from his clutches. “Not today…”

“Why? Now there’s nothing to be afraid of.” He said happily, forcing his hand between my thighs and caressing my pussy.

I recoiled back, trying to avoid his pressing palm into my pussy.

“I’ve explained everything to Adeel. He won’t trouble you now. Now you can enjoy without any fear.”

He forced his hand inside my salwaar; pulled the cord and undid it. Then he let it fall of the floor.

“No… No… I can’t.” I cried again fumbling in his hands.

“Come on darling, now I can fuck you openly.” He said hoarsely as his hands pushed my panties down my thighs. He forced me to bend forward a little and pushed his hand between my naked thighs from behind feeling my trimmed cunt. I squirmed as his index finger entered my pussy. He began to move his finger in and out of my pussy.

I thought about Adeel; the way he looked after returning from his father’s room. I felt pity for him.

Father-in-law began finger fucking at a harder pace. My body began to melt under his antics. A wave of lust began to descend upon me. I could feel my pussy starting to flow. The thought of Adeel disappeared from my mind as I began to moan under his manipulation.

Father-in-law smiled sensing my arousal. He withdrew his finger from my pussy. He dragged me with him to the veranda; near the dining table. He undid my kameez and bra and made me completely naked.

He lifted me in his hands. My ass gently touched the edge of the dining table as he lowered me on it. I leaned back slightly, causing my tits to jut up. Father-in-law bent his head and eagerly began to lick and suck my tits. He squeezed my nipple with his lips causing the milk to flow out of it and into his mouth. He feasted on my milk hungrily.

My pussy gushed with a fresh release of my juices. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly.

I had completely forgotten about my husband and eagerly enjoyed his father’s lips over my tits. He sucked my nipples, alternating between them, driving me crazy with lust. I wriggled my ass over the table.

All of a sudden, Father-in-law released my tits and dropped to his knees burying his face into my exposed dark haired pussy. I bit my lips to keep from screaming with pleasure. Father-in-law lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders to get a better access to my dripping pussy. He shoved his tongue deep into me.

I shuddered with pleasure, arching my body a little more. I grabbed his head in my hands forcing him deeper into my steaming pussy. Father-in-law hungrily drank my pussy juice while his tongue fucked my cunt.

Father-in-law lapped at my dripping pussy. His tongue continued to send wave after wave of rapture through my body. I came loudly, forcing his face deeper into my cunt and deluging his fucking tongue with my fresh juice. My cunt violently throbbed around his tongue.

He removed his tongue out of my pussy and stood up. He grabbed my ass pulling me to the very edge of the table. He grabbed the bulbous head of his cock and guided it to my dripping opening. He lunged forward and forced his massive cock deep inside me. I squealed with pleasure burying my face into his shoulder.

Father-in-law grabbed my ass firmly and started fucking me. His hips were moving as fast as he could move them. My cunt was on fire, with every massive thrust making me even hornier, demanding more and more.

Over and over, he pumped his cock into my inflamed pussy. Beads of perspiration began to trickle down his neck, yet he continued ramming his cock into my pussy ever faster. Harder and harder, He fucked me with all his might.

As his orgasm neared, father-in-law even furthered his humping. He was groaning and grunting incoherently. Finally, he bucked his ass muscles, forced his cock deep into my pussy and began to plant his seed into me. I felt his cock throb and throb inside me and gob after gob of cum inundated my cunt. I dug my nails into his back and clutched his waist between my legs to hold every drop of his semen.

Father-in-law buried his sweat covered-face between my tits as he tried to catch his erratic breath. His cock ceased spurting but it remained buried inside me.

Finally, he straightened up, and pulled his cock from my pussy, slick with his own cum and my pussy juice.

Father-in-law left me in a dazed state as he moved back. His fuck cream began to seep out of my freshly fucked cunt. I slipped off the table and stood by it. Father-in-law took his tahmed from the chair, and I stared as his cum slick flaccid cock disappeared behind the veil of his tahmed.

His fuck cream was still oozing out of my pussy. I felt his cum over my thighs. Father-in-law pointed at the puddle of cum on the table that had oozed out of my pussy.

“Don’t forget to clean that.” He smiled with satisfaction.

I looked at him with delirious eyes but said nothing. He went back to his room.

I stood near the table, looking at his back.

Slowly, I got back to my senses. The handsome face of my husband again appeared before my eyes. A deep sense of self loathing began to descend upon me as I began to dress.


Adeel arrived late in the night. When I served him dinner, he ate silently. After dinner, he went to the bedroom immediately. I stayed in the kitchen, finished my work, and went to the room very late. Adeel was lying on the bed, his face hidden under the covers.

I locked the room and was about to switch off the lights when there was a knock on the door.

“Adeel…” Father-in-law called from the other side of the door.

Adeel lifted the covers off his face and looked at the door but didn’t reply.

“Adeel…” Father-in-law called again.

He stared at me, but remained silent. I stared at him not knowing whether to respond to father-in-law’s call or not. An unusual silence filled the room. I didn’t know why his father was calling him at such late hour, yet my heartbeat began to quicken.

“Send Nilu to my room.” Father-in-law shouted from behind the door. “I need a massage.”

Stunned, I looked at my husband. He was also staring at me, still motionless.

It was a strange request; no, it was not a request; it was an order. My father-in-law was asking my husband to send me to his room. I hadn’t any doubt that my husband understood very well what kind of massage his father wanted from me.

“I… I can’t come.” I stammered looking at my husband.

“Adeel…” Father-in-law shouted again, this time little louder.

“Go…” Adeel said.

“What did you say?” I looked at him, completely taken aback by his words.

“I said go.” He said angrily, and turned his back towards me.

I stared at his back in disbelief. My husband was asking me to go and sleep with his father.

“Nilu… are you coming?” Father-in-law spoke again from behind the door. “I’m waiting in my room.”

He must have heard what Adeel had just said.

I thought for a moment, and then looked back at my husband. He was lying with his back towards me. He didn’t have anything to say.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” was all I could utter.

I heard his footstep as he moved away from the door. Again, I turned back, and stared at my husband. His face was now hidden under the covers.

In a daze, I opened the door and went out.

Father-in-law was standing at his door waiting for me. He smiled and gestured to come to his room and he went inside. I closed my bedroom’s door gently, crossed the open courtyard to his room.

I pushed the curtains and looked inside. Father-in-law was sprawled on his bed, stark naked, playing with his dick. His lips were spread in a lecherous smile.

“Come on Nilu, take off your clothes and join me.” He winked at me. “We’ll massage each other the entire night.”

I watched him incredulously. I was still unable to believe what was happening.

“I… I…” I didn’t know how to ask him. My mind was perplexed with the course of events. “What is this?”

Father-in-law gave me a lecherous grin. “I told you in the morning… Adeel will never stop you now. I’ve explained everything to him.”

I stared at him incredulously. Screwing father-in-law was somewhat okay when Adeel was not home. I had been doing it for the last three months. But now, my husband was lying wide awake in our bedroom; how could I do it?

“Hurry up.” My father-in-law turned on the bed, impatiently.

“But… I… I…” I stammered, not knowing what to say.

“Stop worrying; Adeel won’t disturb us.” He gave me a winning smile. He knew what he was talking about. His fist moved rigorously over the length of his cock. “Lock the door and come here. I’m gonna fuck you this whole night.”

I stared at him, and then looked back toward my room with its doors partially closed. I looked back to my father-in-law. He smiled and gestured with his eyes to join him on the bed.

I took a deep breath, closed the door, and began to strip. Father-in-law watched me all the while stroking his massive cock.

When completely naked, I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. Father-in-law took my hand and gently placed it over his hot rod. I wrapped my fingers around the girth of his cock, letting my hand move up and down along his hard on.

“Suck me Nilu…” Father-in-law shifted on the bed making room for me.

I climbed on and settled beside him, my hand still gripping his cock. I got on all fours and brought my head to his cock. I stuck out my tongue and flicked at the droplet of precum oozing from the tiny hole.

Father-in-law squealed with delight.

I stopped sucking and looked into his eyes.

“I still can’t believe…”


“Adeel himself told me to come here.” I flicked my tongue over the tiny pee hole.

“I told you he won’t stop you.” He said triumphantly. He put his hand over my upturned ass and began running his fingers over my anus.

I lowered my head and took the bloated head of his cock between my lips.

His finger poked into my sphincter. “He knows that I’m the boss here.”

I ran my tongue over his cock head, and I felt it twitch.

“Now you’re my whore Nilu; now I can fuck you anytime.” Father-in-law was smiling. “Even in the front of Adeel.”

He pushed his index finger deep into my sphincter making me whimper with a mild pain. He forced his finger up to his knuckle and started finger fucking my ass.

It was a completely new feeling. He had touched me there before, but never inserted his finger into my anus.

As his finger began moving in and out of my anus, lust slowly began to overtake my body.

By now, I had his cock in my mouth and was deeply sucking on it. Father-in-law groaned with pleasure. I sucked the swollen crown and then started licking along the length of his pulsating shaft. I moved my tongue up and down the length of his engorged manhood, feeling excited with every horny stroke of my tongue over his cock. I could feel my pussy heating up, and my cunt juices began to flow. Any thought of my own husband, wide awake in my bedroom, evaporated from my mind. All I was aware of was a mammoth hardness so lovingly trapped between my soft lips, a thick index finger moving in and out of my ass, and a growing itch between my cunt lips.

My tongue was licking the base of his cock, slowly licking the thick bush at the joint and the heavy sack dangling beneath. Finally, I took one of his balls between my lips and sucked it hard. Father-in-law groaned and writhed on the bed with rapture.

“Niluuuuuuuuuuuuu… ahhhhhhhhhh…”

He placed his hand over my head and forced it into his crotch. He pulled his finger out of my anus. Then he grabbed my waist and pulled it towards his face.

“Nilu, get on top of me.” He groaned heavily.

I didn’t exactly understand what he wanted and stopped sucking his cock. He reached for my legs and helped me settle my lower body over his face. Now my face was directly over his cock, and my dripping cunt was above his face. I resumed my work and gobbled up his cock-head between my greedy lips.

Father-in-law caressed my full ass with his fingers, and then explored my pussy. He grabbed my ass and pulled my hips down. He kissed my inner thighs gently, licking my cunt juices sticking there. Finally, he planted a deep kiss directly on the fat lips of my creamy cunt.

“Ahhhhhh…” I moaned as I felt his slick tongue making its way into my ravenous fuck hole.

I sucked his cock wildly, trying to take most of it inside my mouth. The head of his cock touched my throat, and for a moment I was afraid that I might gag. I eased it out a little and sucked it hard. I would have loved to take his full length inside my hungry mouth, but it was too big for me to take it completely. Anyway, later, my cunt would take his complete length with much ease; I thought with relief. I began humping my hips up and down on his mouth enjoying the feel of his tongue licking my slit and sucking my juice.

He took his tongue out of my dripping pussy and licked my anus. My ass muscles twitched with excitement as I felt his tongue over my virgin ass. I never knew that a tongue would feel so good over my wrinkled hole. Father-in-law licked my anus, coating it with his spit in a continuous up and down motion.

I forgot what I had been doing and enjoyed the new feeling… so terrific it was almost mind-boggling. Every flick of his tongue generated a fresh wave of pleasure that radiated through my body. My ass muscles twitched constantly.

I lowered my head and resumed sucking his cock more fervently.

Father-in-law was gyrating his hips below me. He began pumping his cock into my mouth as if fucking a pussy. His motions were gaining momentum as he fucked his cock into my mouth harder and faster. His fluttering tongue also matched the rhythm of his hips, and he licked my anus with an equal tempo.

I knew if he continued like that, I wouldn’t be able to stop my climax.

All of a sudden, he changed gears. He took his tongue out of my anus and forced it back into my pussy. He drove it in and out of my pussy, taking me to the verge of cumming.

I felt my climax building up and knew that soon I would pour my fresh juice into his sucking mouth. I sucked his cock harder and harder.

Without any warning, his cock swelled inside my mouth, and before I could react, he exploded releasing the first load of his cum into the back of my mouth. There was no time to back out. I gagged for a moment but couldn’t stop his hot jism from making its way to my stomach.

It was an entirely new experience; I liked sucking his cock but could never dare to take his cum into my mouth. So far, he also had refrained from cumming in my mouth. It was quite contradictory to his nature. But, he never forced me to drink his cum.

With his first load down my belly, I realized that my fears were unfounded. It was a sort of tasteless thick liquid. I didn’t find it disgusting; I rather liked the taste.

I made no attempt to withdraw my lips off his cock. His cock erupted again and again, sending load after load of hot cum in my mouth. I tried to suck every drop of it, but a part of it oozed out and dribbled along his cock length.

That very moment, my orgasm struck like a lightening. My whole body went rigid with rapture. I could feel my cunt muscles twitching violently around his tongue as my horny cunt deluged his lips with my cunt juice. Father-in-law eagerly sucked all the juices that he could lap from my dripping cunt.

I forgot about sucking his cock. It slipped out of my lips, spewing few final drops over my lips. I rested my head over his crotch feeling his semierect, slick cock pressing against my cheek. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls.

Father-in-law was still busy drinking my pussy nectar. His hungry tongue was still exploring my dripping pussy. Gradually, his flickering tongue stopped its movement. I rolled off his body and slumped beside him.

Father-in-law got up and changed his position. He was now facing me. His lips and chin were completely soaked with my juices. I became aware of my own condition. My lips were also coated with his cum. The finals drops of his thick cum were still sticking on my lips and cheek.

Father-in-law smiled at me. I could see lust in his eyes. He didn’t waste any time and immediately slipped between my legs. He got on all four, lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He began kissing the inside of my thighs, running his tongue over my wet thighs. Occasionally, his tongue flicked over my slit but he focused mainly on licking the juices sticking to my inner thighs and bush. Finally, he attacked my cunt.

I could feel the lustful heat searing my body again. My cunt began to lubricate with anticipation. My heart began to work faster and faster as his tongue worked its way into my slit. He rolled his tongue and forced it into my pussy like a tiny cock.

Over and over, his tongue slashed into my pussy.

I moaned loudly crossing my legs over his neck, drawing his head harder against my cunt.

Then I felt his hand touching between my ass cheeks gently and his finger gently probing into my sphincter. He rubbed his index finger over my puckered hole and forced it inside my rectum. I bucked my hips under this sudden onslaught and screamed as it hurt a little. He pushed his finger deep, up to his knuckle.

His index finger was buried to ass for the second time.

He began moving his finger in and out of my ass. My mind was going crazy with the two way pleasure, his tongue in my pussy and his finger sliding in and out of my ass. I was so lost in my pleasure that I never realized when he took his tongue out of my cunt and jabbed into my ass. Now his tongue and finger both were working on my ass hole, his finger fucking my ass mercilessly while his tongue licked and dabbed the surrounding area with his saliva.

Father-in-law worked his finger and tongue over my ass for a while, and then withdrew. He positioned himself between my spread legs and placed the swollen knob of his cock at my cunt opening. With a fierce lunge, he buried his cock deep into my pussy.

He fucked my pussy hard, grabbing my thighs with his hands, he turned me to my side. He then left my thighs, and his finger again moved to my back side. He searched for my anus and again jabbed his finger deep into my ass. I wailed with lust.

“Liked it?” He asked as he fucked me both ways with his cock and his finger.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… ya… yeah… ahhhhhhhh…” I bucked with pleasure.

He smiled and withdrew his cock out of my pussy. I stared at him with disappointment. He also withdrew his finger from my ass and turned me to my back again. I felt his cock head moving, and then his knob was pressing against my anus.

I was terrified. I had never been fucked in my ass before, and my instinct told me that it would be painful.

“No…” I cried trying to push him away from me. He had no such intentions. He pushed forward, and his cock head, which was slick with my own juices, worked its way into my virgin ass. My sphincter muscles resisted a little but then gave way to his brutal strength. His cock head entered my rectum.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” I moaned loudly, pretty sure that Adeel might have heard me in the other room. “No… it’s hurting.”

I felt tears welling in my eyes as the fear and pain gripped my body. Father-in-law was relentless. He continued pushing his massive organ into my tight ass. I tried to push him back, to prevent him from pushing his cock into my virgin ass any further. He grabbed and forced my hands above my head. He then pushed again, and the rest of his cock length began to slide into my ass. He worked the entire length into my ass slowly. I felt his balls slowly coming to rest against my ass cheeks.

Once his cock was fully embedded inside my rectum, he stopped. He let my body get used to the new feeling. I could now feel the stretching and fullness in my sphincter muscles, but the twinge that occurred when he entered me subsided. It was an entirely new experience, and although it was hurting, I liked the feel of his cock inside my rectum.

Father-in-law pulled his cock out of my rectum until only the tip was gripped by the tight ring of muscles. The pain eased, but not for long as he rammed it back all the way in a single thrust.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” I shrieked.

He began sawing his cock in and out of my rectum. Gradually, the pain eased away completely, and all I could feel was the stretching of my anal muscles as his massive organ moved to and fro inside my rectum. My ass muscles gripped his sawing manhood tightly, feeling every curve of his gigantic cock as it moved in and out of my rectum. Soon, his every thrust drove me to the verge of ecstasy. I could feel my cunt lips swelling with excitement and fresh cunt juice starting to flow out of my slit. I didn’t realize that I was moaning nonstop under his onslaught.

“You’ve got a very tight ass Nilu.” Father-in-law whispered as he rammed his cock back through my sphincter.

Father-in-law lowered his head, took one of my erect nipples between his lips, and began sucking hard. He bit the nipple, held it and rolled it between his teeth sending sparks of lust running through my body.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… yeah.” I whimpered as I sensed another orgasm approaching.

It was unbelievable. I had never imagined that I could reach an orgasm this way, but it was happening right there with me. I could feel the pressure building inside my pussy. I grabbed his head between my arms forcing it onto my tits, wrapping my legs around his waist. I felt his cock fill my ass nicely.

“You like it Nilu?” Father-in-law rammed his cock into my rectum mercilessly. “You like my cock in your ass?”

“Yes…yes…please fuck me…ahhhhhhhhhhh…” I wailed begging him to fuck me harder, feeling my body reach the point of no return.

Father-in-law fucked my ass harder and harder. “I’m gonna fill your ass with my cum Nilu…”

“Yes… give it to me…” I moaned thrusting my ass up to meet his ploughing tool. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck my horny ass. Give me all of it.”

Father-in-law pumped his cock into my ass harder and harder. I begged for more and he obliged with increasing his rutting.

“It’s coming Nilu…” He groaned as he bore into my ass again. “I’m cumming… cummming… ahh… ahhh… here it comes… ahhhhhhh.”

Father-in-law cried and slammed his cock deep into my rectum. I felt his cock swell inside my rear canal, and then the whole canal was filled with his hot cum. It triggered my own orgasm. I cried loudly, completely oblivious to the fact that my cries could be heard by my husband in the other bedroom. I had already crossed the line, and nothing could have stopped me from enjoying this blissful moment. My entire body jerked and twisted beneath his and then went rigid with passion as my orgasm hit me.

His cock spurted repeatedly, flooding my rectal passage with his thick hot juice. I clasped his cock tightly with my ass muscles trying to milk every drop of cum out of his shooting dick. Father-in-law let out a deep breath and collapsed over me. We clung to each other, reveling in the aftermath of our passionate anal adventure.

Gradually, the throbbing stopped and his cock ceased deluging my anal passage. I squeezed my anal muscles and sensed his cock slowly losing its hardness. Finally, he withdrew his cock out. My rear entry felt empty, and I became aware of a thin stream of hot sticky cum oozing out of my freshly buggered hole, slowly making its way along my crack and then soaking the bed sheet underneath.

Father-in-law lifted his body off me and slumped on one side, breathing heavily. I looked at him; he was smiling with satisfaction; his eyes still filled with lust. I smiled back at him and got off the bed. He didn’t try to stop me, just kept watching me as I put my clothes back on. My ass and cunt, were both feeling slippery as I walked out of his room.

When I reached the door, the lights were still on in my bedroom. As I opened the door, Adeel, still wide awake, lifted his head from his pillow, looked blankly into my eyes and then closed his eyes again. His face was emotionless. If anything were going through his mind, he hid it successfully.

I felt embarrassed and guilty. After all, he was my husband and no husband would agree to his wife sleeping with somebody else. I didn’t know what was going on inside his head. All I knew was that I couldn’t help it anymore. I was now a personal whore for my father-in-law, and I enjoyed fucking him.

In a way, Adeel was also responsible for it. He could have stopped me tonight from going to his father’s room. But he didn’t.

Now he couldn’t complain.

I went to the bathroom, stripped and took a shower. I washed my cum soaked pussy and ass.

I changed my clothes and came out of the bathroom. I turned off the lights, and for a moment, I stood in the darkness wondering where to sleep. Finally, I made up my mind and slowly slipped beside Adeel.

We lay side by side; neither of us uttered a word.

It was a very strange feeling. I was lying beside my husband who knew that I had just fucked his father. Perhaps, he also heard my cries of passion all through my fuck session with my father-in-law. I didn’t know whether I should love or hate my husband for letting me go and fuck his own father.

We lay silently in the darkness. My mind was in turmoil. I heard Adeel tossing around; and probably he was still tossing in bed when I dozed off.


My relationship with Adeel as a man and wife virtually ceased to exist.

Although he didn’t divorce me, but after that night, there was no physical relationship between Adeel and me. We still shared the same bed; every night we slept side by side, but Adeel never tried to touch me. Even if I tried to encourage or seduce him, he simply brushed off my overtures, and turned his face away. Every effort I made to seduce him bore no result, and finally I had to give up.

He talked very little with me; only when it was utmost necessary. He began spending most of his time with our kids and ignored my presence altogether. His attitude made my life miserable; I lived with an overbearing feeling of guilt, which was amplified every time I faced my husband.

I felt bad for him, and felt hurt by his neglect; but, I hadn’t the courage to face him.

Adeel never talked about my amorous relationship with his father, nor did he try to stop it. My daily fuck sessions with my father-in-law continued unabated.

Father-in-law was insatiable, always ready to stuff his cock into my horny pussy. After that first time, he became even more daring. Whenever he felt horny, he would simply called me; day or night, it didn’t matter to him. My pussy was getting more fucking than it could bargain for.

I was a reluctant partner in his horny game. Like a drug addict who wanted to quit his habit but he couldn’t, I too wanted to stop my wanton relationship with my father-in-law, but miserably failed to do so. It was a weird kind of addiction, born out of fear of father-in-law, but so overwhelming, that I found it hard to say no to him every time he put his hands over my pussy. I liked the feel of his throbbing cock plundering my pussy, and even longed for it whenever he was out of town.

I had been converted into a cock hungry whore. My longing for a cock was so intense that it always overtook the feeling of remorse that I had about my husband. Many nights, after screwing my father-in-law, I laid awake in my bed beside Adeel hoping that he would get up and shove his cock into my cum filled pussy. Although I was getting a regular dose of fucking from Adeel’s father, I still missed Adeel badly. I desperately wanted him to make love to me. Was it due to my love for him or was it due to my feelings of guilt, I couldn’t say. I probably longed for his acceptance.

His continued neglect of me made me crazy about him.

Although Adeel was keeping a distance from me, I sensed the struggle going inside him. Often, I found him tossing in bed late in the nights. Whenever I returned from his father’s room after a prolong session of fucking and sucking, I could feel that Adeel was awake waiting for me to return. Sometime, in the nights, I woke up and found gentle stirring under the covers. It didn’t take me long to realize that my husband had been whacking his cock.

Perhaps there was some hope. On one such night, I tried to take advantage of his vulnerability. When he began whacking his cock, I reached out and placed my hand over his naked belly.

Startled, he jumped off the bed and scurried to the bathroom. I watched him go in utter frustration. My heart was broken. It was too much for a cock hungry slut like me; but, I hadn’t the courage to ask.

After that, he stopped masturbating in bed. Instead, he started visiting the bathroom regularly late at night, staying there for long durations. After every such visit, I found handkerchiefs or small towels among the dirty clothes in the washing machine; each of them with a big dry spot.

Time flew, and I never realized that almost two years had passed since Adeel stopped making love to me. I had resigned to my fate and lost any hope of reviving my marriage again.

However, things took a surprising turn after the month of Ramadan.

Two days after Eid, it was almost ten thirty at night and I was getting ready for bed. The kids were already asleep. Adeel was sprawled on the bed, eyes closed; he was pretending to be asleep.

Father-in-law was not in the house. He had gone to visit some relatives in a nearby town.

I undid my clothes, vaguely aware that Adeel was staring at me with his half-closed eyes. It was a ritual that I performed almost regularly ever since Adeel stopped having sex with me. I never wasted any chance to let him see me naked or semi-naked, always hoping that one day my husband would start taking interest in me again.

I deliberately stripped to my bra and panties, waited for my husband to savor my semi nude charms. It was weird. I was trying to seduce my own husband who seemed to have lost interest in me completely.

Adeel kept his eyes closed. I gave him a glance, and finally put on a loose fitting gown. I switched off the main light leaving only a small night lamp on.

I was about to slip in bed beside Adeel, when he opened his eyes.


I couldn’t believe my ears. He hadn’t addressed me by Nilu for almost two years. I felt my eyes turning wet with happiness.

Adeel got off the bed. He walked close to where I was standing near the foot of the bed.

“Nilu… sit here.”

I stared at him silently. He took my hand, and helped me sit on the edge of the bed. I offered no resistance and settled down. Adeel sat close to me.

“Wanted to ask you something,” he began, then stopped, looking somewhat unsure.

I was suddenly very happy. My husband had approached me after almost two years. I suppressed my tears of joy.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t know how to ask you. Are you… do you…” He fumbled for words. “Actually what I wanna know that are you happy with abbu?”

I didn’t understand what he meant; I stared him questioningly.

“I… I mean,” he stammered, “do you like sleeping with abbu?”

So that was his intention: he wanted to know whether I liked fucking my father-in-law. I wanted to tell him yes, but knew that it wouldn’t be good to say so. It was probably not the right time to accept that fact.

“What do you think?” I retorted, feigning little anger. “I’m happy sleeping with him? I sleep with him because I care for you and our kids. You know very well if I don’t do that he’d throw all of us out of this house.”

“I know… I know.” He said awkwardly, feeling little hurt. I realized that he too was carrying guilt for not being able to protect me from his father. I felt pity for him, but also realized he was vulnerable at that moment. Perhaps I could use this opportunity.

“I did everything for you and the kids.” I gripped his hand. “Do you hate me for that?”

“No,” he replied immediately, “I don’t hate you.”

“Then why don’t you talk to me? Why don’t you make love to me? Why don’t you act like my husband.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my mother now.”

I looked at him incredulously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Any woman…” he fumbled, “who sleeps with my father got to be my mother only. You can’t be my wife now.”

It was the most preposterous logic I had ever heard in my life.

“And what about the twelve years we spent together as husband and wife?” My voice was suddenly sharp. I felt tears begin to swell in my eyes.

He gawked at me.

“What about our children, do you think your abbu is their father?”

“No, they’re my kids.” He was on the back foot. “But now I can’t be your husband.”

“Why not?” I rasped loudly. “I’m still your wife. Don’t you love me anymore?”

“I still love you, and I know that you didn’t do it willingly the first time. But now, we can’t live like husband and wife anymore.”

“Because you think that I’m your mother now. Is that why you didn’t fuck me for the last two years?” I dropped all modesty and asked him crudely.

“Yes.” He said slowly. His eyes went wide with my use of the word ‘fuck’.

I felt exasperated. It was a strange situation. My husband was avoiding me because he believed that I was his mother as I had been screwing his father.

“So it means that you’re happy with what your father did to your wife.”

“No, I hate him for that.” His eyes were suddenly burning with hatred. “I want to kill that bastard.”

“Why didn’t you kill him then?”

“I don’t know.” He said meekly. “I don’t know. Perhaps I don’t have the courage to do it. But I hate him.”

A thought suddenly occurred to me.

“I’d be happier if you can avenge my humiliation.” I feigned a sarcastic look.

He stared at me and then diverted his gaze. “I… I don’t know… how?” He babbled.

“You really want revenge for your father taking your wife away from you.”

“Yes.” He said painfully.

My heart began to melt.

“How will you do it?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I know I’m no match for him.”

The thought that was ticking in the back of my mind grew stronger. I didn’t know whether he would accept my logic, but I decided to give it a try.

“There’s a way.”

“How?” His eyes were suddenly lit.

“You sure think I’m your mother?” I quizzed him.

“I already told you that.”

“And you hate your abbu for fucking me, and taking me away from you?”

“Yes,” he spoke with irritation in his voice, “how many times do I have to tell you that?”

“You can take your revenge.” I gave him a mischievous grin.

“How, how?” He asked impatiently.

“By fucking your mother.”

He looked at me clumsily.

“Do to him what he did to you.” I wished that he would take the bait. “He fucked your wife and made her his personal whore. Do the same to him. Take his wife… fuck her… make her your slut.”

He stared at me, silently, lost in his thoughts. I prayed silently. After a while, he said. “I don’t know… ugh… I’m confused… you may be right.”

He was vulnerable; it was time to take the initiative.

“If you want to get even.” I stared at his crotch. I could feel gentle stirring there. I knew that he never wore underwear under his tahmed. “Do what he did to you… fuck his wife… your mother.”

He stared at me incredulously.

I didn’t waste any time, slipped my hands inside his tahmed and caressed his cock. His body twitched at the sudden touch, but he made no move to remove my hand from his cock. His cock began to swell in my hand. That was a very positive sign.

“I’ll tell you everything he does to your wife.” I began massaging his cock, feeling the girth slowly getting bigger and bigger. “And you do the same to his wife…”

“Yes… yes…” He moaned, enjoying my hand caressing his cock after such long absence. “Ahhhh… it feels good.”

My heart jumped with delight. At last, my patience was about to pay off.

A sudden realization came upon me; in my twelve years of married life, I had never taken the initiative in a sexual act with my husband. It was Adeel who always initiated our lovemaking. But, things had changed now.

My father-in-law had converted me into a brazen slut.

Adeel’s cock grew to massive proportions slowly. I undid his tahmed and let his cock free. I lovingly stared at beautiful piece of meat rising so magnificently from his crotch. The purple coloured swollen head of his circumcised cock had a tiny drop of precum glistening at the tip. I suddenly realized how much I’ve missed it; I had not seen it in action for the last two years. But, today it was ready, ready only for me. I just wanted to take that cock in my mouth and suck him hard. I controlled my urges.

I let his cock free from my hand and got off the bed. Adeel looked at me disappointed.

“Strip me.” I asked him. I could feel that I was breathing heavily.

He stared me awkwardly.

“Your abbu strips your wife himself. He likes to watch your wife as he removes her clothes one by one.”

He understood and got up. As he stood, his tahmed slipped along his leg to the floor. He paid no attention to it; instead, he turned and started towards the light switch.

“No…” I guessed his intentions. “Don’t turn off the lights. Your abbu fucks your wife with all the lights on.”

He stopped in his way, turned and looked at me. He was a little surprised with my brazenness.

“Come here and strip your mother.”

He walked over to where I was standing. Lustily, I watched his dangling cock as he walked. My pussy began to cream. Reaching over, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of my gown. Then he gripped the hem of my gown and slowly pulled it over my head. I helped him by lifting my hands over my head. He took the gown off my body and tossed it aside.

I stood there, in front of him, wearing only my bra and panties.

His eyes wore a delirious look. I could see lust in his eyes, as he stared at my semi nude body.

“Remove these also.” My voice was hoarse with passion. “Make me completely naked.”

He gave a faint lascivious smile, and began to remove my bra and panties. Within seconds, my undergarments were lying on the floor, and I was standing naked in front of my husband. He gazed lustily at the nicely trimmed bush covering my swollen cunt lips. It was really a bizarre feeling. I was acting like a different woman in front of my husband. After an abstinence of almost two years, we were like two strangers meeting for the first time.

I reached out, took his hand and placed it over my pussy, which by now was dripping profusely. “Feel my pussy Adeel, feel it.”

He caressed my hairy pussy gently, running his fingers along the wet slit. Meanwhile, I took off his vest. Both of us were now completely naked, his hand playing with my pussy.

“Do you want me to tell you,” I grabbed his cock and squeezed it tightly. “how your abbu fuck your wife?”

“Yes… Nilu…” He groaned.

“No… don’t call me Nilu,” I corrected him, “call me ammi (mother). I’m your mother now.”

“Ammi…” He muttered with lust, running his index finger over my dripping slit.

“Do you like your mother’s pussy?” My legs were shaking; I was finding it hard to remain standing.

“Yes… ammi.” He replied hoarsely.

“Feel it… it’s wet… very very wet. It wants your cock inside. Ammi wants your cock in her pussy… my son.”


“Do you really want to fuck… your ammi?” My voice was quivering with excitement. I enjoyed my command over him.

“Ahhhh…” Adeel moaned as I played with his cock. “Please let me fuck you ammi.”

I smiled at him. He was supposed to take his revenge by force fucking me. Instead, he was begging me to let him fuck me. Anyway, I was enjoying playing his mother. Although I felt crazy behaving like that, but, playing a new woman to my own husband was driving me nuts with pleasure.

“Not so soon son.” I had other plans. There were so many other things that he could do before actual fucking. “Your abbu doesn’t fuck Nilofer so early.”

“Then what does he do?” He ran his finger over my slit, feeling the wetness clinging to my bush.

“First, he forces your wife to suck his cock.” I watched as his eyes went wide. “Then he shoots his cum in her mouth.”

He stared me unbelievingly. Adeel and I had never indulged in oral sex before.


“Yes dear…” I enjoyed his predicament. “Your father is a bastard, and he does all sort of dirty things with your wife. If you want your revenge then you must do everything your abbu does to your wife. Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes… yes.” He groaned with pleasure. His fingers brushed my wet slit, now with more eagerness.

“Then ask me.”

“Suck my cock… Nil… ugh… ammi.” He said clumsily. “Please suck my cock.”

In a flash, I was kneeling before him. My lips were now in line with his swollen cock. I lovingly stared at the deep purple head inches away from my lips, and the drop of juicy precum that had grown in size by now. Staring at his cock, I became aware that I had never seen his cock from such a close distance before. We never tried giving head. All these years, I had only touched, caressed and fondled his cock in darkness. His cock looked much different from his father’s tool, it was long, perhaps longer than his father’s, but had less girth.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the drop with the tip of my tongue. As my tongue touched his cock head, his thighs twitched violently. He moaned loudly.

I looked up, into his dazed eyes. “You’ll love it… son… ammi gonna make you very happy.”

I licked the drop of precum from the tip. After the accidental shooting of father-in-law’s cock in my mouth, I hadn’t any reservation about swallowing cum. Over time, I began to enjoy the taste. It was difficult for me to recall how many times I had swallowed the jism from my father-in-law’s cock. At that moment, I was dying to taste my husband’s cum.

I swallowed the tiny drop greedily, relishing the first taste of my husband’s precum. Then I began licking his cock gently along its length. I started from the tip and slowly licked down to his hairy sack. I licked his balls with my moist tongue.

Adeel moaned loudly and his legs began to tremble. He could not remain standing and slowly settled on the edge of the bed. I let him rest his ass on the edge before resuming my job. I went lower and licked his heavy balls. Slowly, I took one in my mouth and began sucking it. I could feel from his response that he was enjoying my oral manipulation of his tool. I sucked his ball feverishly. I wanted to please my husband by all means.

“Do you like it son?” I released his ball from my mouth and asked him. “Do you like your ammi’s tongue over your balls?”

“Yes… ammi?” He moaned. “Please don’t stop.”

I smiled at the eagerness of my prudish husband.

“I’m gonna suck your cock now.” I brought my lips closer to his cock head. “When you feel like cumming… don’t pull it out… just shoot it in my mouth.”

Bemused, I watched his eyes widen again but paid no attention. I opened my lips a bit wider and took his cock head between my greedy lips. His entire body shuddered violently. Gripping his cock’s base with my hand, I began sucking his cock like a tasty lollipop.

Playing a new game with my husband was also having an effect on me; I could feel my cunt going wild with lust and my juices running down my legs. Adeel gyrated his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my hungry mouth. I raised my eyes and looked at him. He was staring at me.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… Nilu… ugh… ammi,” he groaned with pleasure, his eyes burning with lust, “never knew it could be so much fun. Please suck… ammi please suck my cock… ahhh… ahhhh… ahhhh.”

I sucked my fancied son’s cock harder and harder, hearing him groan and moan louder with every passing moment. I swirled my tongue over his saliva coated head causing him to whimper louder. His hips began to move at a frantic pace, the throbbing and twitching increasing with every fresh stroke of my tongue over his cock. I could feel his climax approaching.

I continued sucking his cock, eagerly waiting for him to begin shooting in my hungry mouth. I wanted to drink every drop of his hot cum, wanted to feel his thick jism splashing against my cheeks and then slowly going down my throat. I wanted to suck him dry and then again make him hard and have him fuck me wildly with his long sleek cock. He was my husband and he probably had fucked me uncountable number of times. At that moment, I felt as if I were going to fuck him for the first time. I was his father’s wife sucking her son’s beautiful cock. My pussy was dripping with excitement and I could feel my juice oozing out of my cunt lips.

“Cum…son cum…” I moaned silently. “Cum in your mother’s mouth.”

He gave a long yell, and his body went stiff. His cock puffed up in my mouth. He grabbed my head pressing my lips into his crotch and his cum began to erupt. I felt his first spurt shooting down my throat straight to my stomach.

The very moment, my orgasm hit, sending my body reeling with immense pleasure. My pussy jerked repeatedly sending tidal waves of rapture shooting up my spine, my juices flowing down my thighs in abundance.

His dick erupted over and over depositing loads of fresh cum inside my mouth which I willingly swallowed. It poured like a floodgate filling my mouth with his tangy, tasty cum. It was thick, hot with a kind of taste that was difficult to explain. I eagerly drank every drop of jism he spurted in my mouth.

Slowly, the shooting stopped. I pressed my lips on his still inflated cock, forcibly sucking any remaining drop of cum left inside, enjoying its taste and texture. Only when I drained it completely, I allowed it out of my mouth.

Adeel collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. I got up from the floor and slipped beside him.

“Did you like it son?” I whispered in his ear, gently running my cum soaked tongue over his earlobe. “You liked when ammi drank your cum.”

“Yes… ammi.” He stared at me with his lustful eyes. “I’ve never done that before.”

“I know son… I know! Ammi’s gonna teach you many new things.”

I got up and straddled his body. He stared at me in amazement. I slowly lowered my ass over his chest. I felt my cunt lips touching his chest. I reclined my body backward, reached out my hands and gripped his slick flaccid cock between my fingers. I gently began rubbing my cunt over his chest while my hands began to massage his cock.

I ground my pussy over his chest in a to and fro motion, sliding it to his naval and then again sliding it back to his chest. My pussy juices poured out of my dripping pussy, wetting his chest and part of his belly. I felt the tiny patch of sparse curly hair in the middle of his chest getting soaked with my cunt juice as my ass moved over it. I spread my leg further causing my swollen clit to poke out and rub against the wet hair.

Adeel stared me with a lewd surprise. He had never seen me so horny before, never acting so lasciviously. He appeared a little confused, but he was enjoying what I was doing to him. He enjoyed it as I pleasured myself by rubbing my cunt over his chest.

I began moving my hips farther, with every end stroke almost touching his chin with my cunt lips. After one such push, I stopped with my cunt touching his chin and gazed at him lovingly. I desperately wanted him to touch my pussy with his tongue. But, I didn’t want to rush him. Adeel had never sucked my pussy before and I wasn’t sure how would he react to that idea.

Again, I slid my ass to his belly and brought it back to his chin, this time letting my wet pussy grind against his chin. His eyes glinted with lust.

“Like it?” gently grinding my hairy crotch up and down his chin.

He gave me a lustful gaze, took his tongue out and licked his lips nervously. I could guess what was happening in his mind. I was sure that he could smell the strong aroma of my aroused pussy very well, a sweet smell that could drive any sensible man crazy with lust.

Slowly, I moved my hips forward a little more, my cunt almost reaching his mouth. Adeel opened his lips again, stuck out his tongue and lightly brushed the tip against my wet bush. I held my breath and waited, not moving a bit. Then he moved further and planted his lips over my hairy pussy lips. My whole body shuddered with rapture.

It was not a long kiss; he immediately withdrew it. He stared into my eyes, little awkwardly, as if looking for my approval. I didn’t say a word but gave him an encouraging smile. His lips showed a trace of my pussy juice.

I moved a bit farther and brought my cunt just above his lips. Slowly, I lowered it over his mouth. I heard a gulp from his mouth as his tongue tried to push through my slit. I felt his lips cupping my dripping pussy and his tongue entering inside me.

It was more than enough for me. As he took his tongue out of my slit and flicked it over my engorged clit, I came with a shattering orgasm.

All I could remember was that I was moaning and writhing violently, grinding my cunt over his lips as my cunt deluged his mouth with a fresh load of my pussy nectar. If Adeel had any reservation against drinking my juice, he didn’t show it. He drank my juice, even boring his tongue into my pussy licking any trace of honey left inside.

After I got back to my senses, I slid my cunt off his face. My poor husband was short of breath, gasping for air. I smiled at him and slid my ass to his crotch.

My hands were busy manipulating his cock while I teased him into sucking my pussy. His cock was hard again, rising like a thick piece of salami in my hands.

I lifted my ass off his body, gripped his cock with one hand, and placed the tip at the opening of my slick pussy. With a gentle shove, his cock began to move inside me. Slowly, it was completely embedded inside me, my wet bush coming to rest against his thick, coarse thatch.

Adeel groaned with lust as he felt his cock moving inside me, the same soft enclave which he had invaded numerous times for many years before he stopped fucking me.

I made no attempt to start fucking him. Instead, I bent my head and kissed him on the lips. They were soaked with my pussy juice. As I licked his lips, I could taste my own juices. Then I let my tongue trail over his chest, licking the wet tiny strands of hair. Slowly, I took my tongue to his tiny nipple, licked it, then took it between my teeth, and began nibbling the tiny bud.

Adeel moaned loudly, lifted his ass off the bed and thrust his cock deep into me. I squatted over him, my cunt in a way hovering over his cock, giving him enough room to start pumping me. He got the cue and began humping me from beneath

Adeel gripped the bed’s headrest, and began fucking my famished pussy. I enjoyed his fucking while licking my own spending from his nipple and chest. With every plunge, he was driving the entire length of his cock deep into my pussy, each time generating a shuddering spasm radiating through my cunt.

I stopped licking his chest and clutched the wooden headrest. I lowered my tits and let them dangle erotically. As he fucked me from beneath, my tits undulated in a rapid and random motion over his lips. Adeel opened his mouth and gripped my left nipple between his lips. He sucked hard making me cry with lust and pain. He pumped even harder… his face twisted in a blissful delirium.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh…” My body began to shake. My nipple hurt as he sucked greedily on it. His hands left the headrest, grabbed my ass, and parted my ass cheeks. My ass muscles flinched as his index finger touched my anus. Ripples of passion began to travel through my entire body. I concentrated on the delightful feeling which his cock was imparting into my body with every thrust.

Adeel sucked my tit even harder while driving his cock in and out of my begging pussy. He began to pant with effort. His breathing became harried as he tried to pump me harder and faster.

I started gyrating my hips, moving my cunt up and down on his cock. “Ohhhhhh, God, fuck me faster.” I pleaded. “Please fuck me hard.”

He seemed to be pleased by my wanton desire as his lips spread in a wide grin. He pulled out, the tip of his cock just touching the opening to my fuck hole. He grinned again as he saw disapproval on my face then he rammed it back into my ravenous cunt. He fucked me hard and deep.

“Oh…yesssss…yessss…” I realized that I had never behaved with my husband in such a licentious way. But, I could not stop myself from doing it. I had longed for his cock for almost two years, and now it was ripping through my pussy; I wanted it so badly. My pussy juice was pouring out of my cunt, dribbling along the length of his cock. His crotch was thoroughly soaked with my juice, and every time he rammed his cock fully inside me, I could feel the wetness against the back of my thighs. He was driving me crazy with his skillful ways.

“Yesssssss…” I mashed my tits against his sucking lips, pumping my pussy up and down on his shaft.

Bending my head, I kissed him on his lips. His face was showing the signs of his effort, and beads of perspiration began to appear on his face. He stopped sucking my tits and was gasping for air. I licked his sweaty cheeks enjoying the salty taste.

“Adeel…ahhhhh…please make me cum.” I moaned lewdly, completely oblivious of my wanton behavior. “Ammi wants you to fill her pussy with your juice.”

My body twisted in ecstasy; the inflamed desire began to climb higher and higher towards an explosive orgasm. I fucked back onto his plowing cock and screamed. The throbbing in my cunt began to escalate.

“I’m cuming… yes… I’m cuming.” I wailed as my cunt began to tighten about his cock. My body stiffened, and the maddening rush of tidal waves of intense pleasure drove me insane. Adeel was well aware of my condition. He squeezed my ass cheeks between his fingers and drilled his cock deep into me. His groin smacked against my spread ass. His face contorted with lust, his mouth went agape with the expectation of the inevitable as he gave a loud groan and his balls exploded in a massive eruption. A deluge of hot thick jism shot from his cock and sprayed the smoldering depth of my pussy.

He continued slamming his cock back into me, while it spewed wads of hot cum deep inside me. My cunt hungrily gulped every drop that his prick deposited. I continued rocking back and forth on his cock, feeling the strength of his ejaculation slowly subsiding.

He finally ceased to erupt, but I continued fucking him, rocking back and forth on his cock. Finally, everything became a blur as I collapsed over his sweaty chest, heaving and panting vigorously.

I lay over his chest, our bodies slick with sweat. His cock was still buried inside me, though it was shrinking fast. I could feel the mix of our juices slowly seeping along the length of his shaft. I tried to squeeze my throbbing pussy to stop the juices from escaping, unsuccessfully. It oozed out and slowly began to deposit at our groins where our bodies were joined. I closed my eyes and rested my head over his chest.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that. I came back to my senses when Adeel began to stir beneath me. I opened my eyes and found him staring directly into my eyes.

“It was fantastic.” He was smiling. “I must be a stupid for not doing it for so long.”

I was pleased with his comment.

“So you liked fucking your mother.” I said, immediately realizing the stupidity of my question.

His eyes narrowed. My heart began to sink. I cursed myself. ‘Did I say something wrong?’

Slowly, his face became normal; he was smiling again.

“Yes…more than my wife…I love you…ammi.” He kissed me on my lips.

I could feel my eyes becoming wet with emotion. I bent my head, and our lips locked in a long lingering kiss.

Finally, he broke the kiss and pushed me off. I rolled to his side; his cum slick cock came out of my pussy with a plop.

“Look the mess you’ve created.” He pointed toward his groin with a mischievous grin.

I looked at his crotch; it was drenched with our juices. His dark thatch was soaked with a mix of his cum and my juice. I turned my gaze to my pussy; my bush was also matted with our fuck juice.

I slipped off the bed.

“Don’t worry,” I took his hand and pulled him off the bed, “come, I’ll take care of it.”

I led him to the bathroom. First, I used my tongue to lick his crotch clean; then thoroughly rinsed his cock and thatch and dried them with a towel. He watched me doing it with a grin on his face. Finally, I kissed the tip of his cock and let it go. Adeel kneeled immediately before me; he took water from the bucket and carefully soaped my cunt. Then he rinsed it. He dried my bush and in the same way kissed my cunt; his kiss was longer and lingering as his tongue explored my moist slit. Finally, he let me go.

We came out of the bathroom. We were lost in our amorous reunion. We didn’t bother to put our clothes back on and slipped naked under the covers.

With my back against him, I snuggled against his body. His semi-tumescent cock gently rested against the crack of my ass. I felt his hands roaming gently over my naked body.

It was a feeling of great elation for getting back my husband’s love. I had always loved him despite his shortcomings, even when my amorous affair began with my father-in-law. My mind went back to the events that changed my life forever. I thought about his abbu. I doubted that my relationship with Adeel’s father would ever stop. Abbu would never let me go; and I too was in a way enslaved to my own lust for his mammoth cock. I knew that even with all my love for my husband it would not be possible for me to stop fucking my father-in-law.

I would have to make adjustments so that I could successfully manage my two lovers. Now with Adeel accepting the fact, it shouldn’t be much difficult.

For a moment, my thought diverted to my father-in-law. I visualized his massive cock ripping through my pussy, driving me crazy with every thrust. My pussy began to cream again.

Suddenly, I came out of my trance; a hand was slowly exploring my cunt. My husband’s manhood, which was showing signs of new awakening, was pressing against my ass. I spun around and faced him.

“I thought you’re sleeping.” Adeel was smiling as his fingers caressed my pussy again.

“I think,” I took his growing cock between my fingers and wagged it lovingly, “your friend is still hungry.”

His smile grew larger.

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight,” he brought his lips closer to my ear and whispered, “why don’t you teach me what else you’ve learned?”

I looked at him in surprise. He was still smiling mischievously.

“Are you serious?” I asked incredulously.

“Why not? Teach me.”

“Who would you like to fuck this time… your wife or ammi?”

He laughed gently. “My ammi of course. She’s gonna teach me new things.”

“Okay then… son,” I threw the covers off our bodies and sat beside him. “We’ll start with a new way where we can explore each other’s bodies at the same time.”

I flung my leg over his body and straddled his face. I lowered my cunt over his mouth, and bending my body forward, brought my lips closer to his cock and kissed his semi-tumescent shaft.

I didn’t have to tell him what to do next as his tongue immediately flicked over my cunt lips, gently lapping up the moistness. Then it was forced inside my pussy.

‘He would be a good learner.’ I thought as I lowered my head and swallowed his cock.

My mind started reeling again, partly with lust, partly with anticipation.


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